Shopping in Mendoza, Argentina

Shopping in Mendoza, Argentina

It is unthinkable to leave Mendoza without at least a bottle of wine and some gastronomic delicacies. Among so many visits to the wineries, it is difficult to leave one without that wine, which, besides being exceptional, will bring great memories. So, prepare the suitcase and exercise all your power of choice, since – unfortunately – it will be impossible to bring a bottle of each drink you have tried.

For those who cannot resist visiting a shopping mall, Mendoza has good shopping options, but the prices are not so inviting. Take the opportunity to take products that are difficult to find in Brazil: cold clothes, leather items and equipment for winter sports. Street shops and fairs also offer beautiful local crafts and souvenirs at affordable prices.

Many restaurants and wineries sell products such as olive oils, jams, sauces, sausages and cheeses. It is a great opportunity to take the local flavor in the suitcase. Ah! Don’t forget the alfajores and milk sweets; famous throughout Argentina, in Mendoza they leave nothing to be desired. They are always delicious!


The impulse is the great enemy of the tourist. Driven by the furor of that wonderful tasting with views of the vineyards, you will be able to buy the entire store just outside the winery. Resist bravely! Many other wines are yet to come. Although it is comfortable to buy the drink on the spot, you can miss the chance (and the space in the suitcase) to take that copy that you liked so much at the last winery visited. Our tip is: write down your favorites and buy at a specialized store all at once. Prices are often even more affordable and you can still negotiate a discount.

Buying everything in one place helps to calculate what type of packaging will be needed to take the wines safely home. Local post offices and also some wineries offer boxes with bottle protection for sale. In foam or styrofoam, they will be fully protected. A box for six bottles costs around 50 pesos. If you choose to take the wines in the suitcase, ideally it should be made of a rigid material. Wrap the bottles tightly in your clothes (don’t let one bottle come in contact with another) and hope to get everything right!

Remember that Brazilian law allows the maximum limit of 12 liters of alcoholic beverage without tax. Be sure to ask for the tax free when buying wines and local products. ATMs for reimbursement are located at Buenos Aires airports. And don’t forget the excess baggage; glass bottles weigh a lot!

Avenida Arístides Villanueva

It is difficult to walk along this five-block avenue without feeling like sitting at one of the countless sidewalk tables. At dusk, just after the siesta, the street starts to fill with young people who crowd in dozens of bars on the street. There is no one who can resist the climate of Arístides Villanueva. Among mugs of beer and empanadas, tourists and beggars, enjoy the bohemia of the city. Choose the bar that most resembles you and unpretentiously enjoy a typical Mendoza night.

During the day, the avenue also has its charm. The trendiest fashion stores in the city are there. In addition, the avenue is great for those looking for winter sports equipment.

Las Heras Avenue

The street serves as a popular market. There you will find dozens of establishments selling leather clothing and typical Andean costumes. Souvenir shops, chocolates, souvenirs and regional cuisine are also plentiful.

It is the best place to take a souvenir from the city – with the exception of wines, of course!

On the street is one of the entrance doors to the Central Market, excellent for taking delicious Mendocinean delicacies home.

Mendoza Plaza Shopping

The most modern mall in the region has 160 stores and 20 restaurants – a great shopping break.

The complex has Argentine brands, such as the Fallabela department store, and also international brands, such as Adidas, Nike, Christian Lacroix and Lacoste. The price is for shopping, that is, no big bargains. It is worth to find products that are not sold in Brazil and, amid so much gastronomic variety, kill the nostalgia of classic fast foods.

Opening hours: Every day, from 10am to 10pm.

Central Market

Nothing like a good market to get to know a city’s habits well. In this case, the most delicious habits! In the Central Market of Mendoza, small stores sell the most delicious Argentine delicacies, all washed down with a good chat with the vendors. It is undoubtedly one of the best places to try local cuisine. Everything simple, without refinement and filling your eyes and stomach!

For those who want to take the products home, there will be plenty of options. Among raw hams, traditional sausages, dried fruits and regional wines, you will get lost with so many delights!

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, from 8 am to 1 pm and from 4 pm to 7 pm; the food court is open from 8 am to 7 pm.

Av España 1210 or Av. General Las Heras 300, Mendoza

Laur Olive

For good gourmets, quality olive oil is essential. And Mendoza, in addition to excellent wines, produces high quality olive oils. At Olivícola Laur you will have the opportunity to see close-up centenary olive trees (the property has existed since 1906), the old factory and the entire process of oil extraction (from the most rustic to the most modern), from the olive harvest (which happens between April and June) until bottling. In the end, you will still be surprised with the tasting of different products, from olives to olive oils and balsamic. Avoid the traditional wine tour and it is a unique experience for lovers of good food.

Palmares Open Mall

15km from the center of Mendoza you will find a good way to solve your Shopping in one place. At Palmares Open Mall it is possible to find clothing and handicrafts, including wines, of course!

If you can’t resist a walk in a large shopping center, this may be a good choice. The mall is very Brazilian in style: there are 120 stores ranging from big brands to small boutiques. Practical for a round and a quick meal. Highlight for the Don Mario restaurant, which serves one of the most famous parrilladas in the city.

Plaza Independencia

If there is a meeting point for all residents of Mendoza, it is certainly Plaza Independencia. It marks the center of the city and is four blocks long. Throughout the day, the audience changes, but it is never empty. Among beautiful fountains and lush trees, you will be able to learn a little more about Mendocino habits.

Each point of the square holds a good surprise: craft fair, stages of artistic presentations, light sources, the Municipal Museum of Modern Art, the Municipal Theater and typical food kiosks are some of them. Music and theater shows also appear when least expected.

Plaza Independencia is the largest square in the city. In its surroundings, two blocks away from each end, you can also visit the squares of San Martín, Chile, Italy and España. All are great places to rest after a long day of sightseeing.


The shop is a sleepover for any wine lover. Understood or not, there you will get lost among so many options. In a beautiful corner house, Winery is one of the most complete wineries in Mendoza. Divided into rooms classified by the types of grapes, wines and sparkling wines, they are ready for the eyes – and hands – of the customers. The organization facilitates when choosing. At the central tables, the top 10 (best selling and also the best ranked) immediately attract consumers eager for the best copies. All wines are very well priced, which facilitates the decision when buying.

In the Winery you will find wines from almost all wineries in Mendoza, often with more affordable prices than in the wineries themselves. For those who are not very knowledgeable about the subject, attentive sellers are willing to help with the purchase within your budget. Nobody there will push a wine merely because it is expensive; on the contrary, they will always choose the best.

For those who want to take as many bottles as possible (12 liters, according to Brazilian legislation), the house offers a box with special protection for the transportation of the drink. Tip: cash payment is worth discounts and gifts. Be sure to bargain!

Shopping in Mendoza, Argentina

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