Shopping in Lima, Peru

Shopping in Lima, Peru

Lima is not a shopping destination, but it cannot be said that it is bad for that purpose. In general, prices are similar to those in Brazil, with a tendency to be lower; so it is always necessary to calculate whether it is worth buying the product abroad.

When it comes to shopping, what draws the most attention in Peru is handicrafts. The variety of colorful fabrics made with wool or embroidery is huge, as are the decorative items and those intended for daily use, such as bags and clothes, always with a touch of local culture. Coming home without a souvenir is practically impossible! In Lima, we recommend visiting the Inca Market, which has several stalls with good prices.

Those who prefer to escape a little from the souvenir craze and want to visit malls and modern stores can go to Larcomar, which has one of the best views in the city. Another tip is to walk around Miraflores to see its stores, like the famous Falabella, or visit a supermarket in the city, where you have the opportunity to find national and imported products.

When buying something on the street and in craft markets, negotiate the price with a seller until you reach an agreement. The new sun is the currency most used for purchases, with the dollar accepted in some places.


Malls can often be similar: stores, food courts, people shopping, bags full… however, in Lima this is different. Larcomar is an unusual mall and is worth visiting, not because of its stores, but because of the look. See for more information about Lima, Peru.

The mall was built on top of one of Miraflores’ huge banks and has a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. It is the ideal place to have a meal enjoying a beautiful view or have a coffee looking at the sea.

Surquillo Market

The truth is that Mercado de Surquillo is not a tourist spot, but a market visited by locals to buy natural products. It is a great place to get to know regional fruits that we don’t see in Brazil, as well as grains and other ingredients used in popular Peruvian cuisine.

The products are cheap and the recommendation is to consume them after good cleaning. The tip is to be careful with your belongings when visiting the Market, as the place is not considered very safe.

Inca Market

Returning from Peru without bringing some souvenirs in the suitcase is practically impossible. For those who want to shop and buy gifts, the Inka Market is the right place.

There you will find a wide variety of fabrics, bags, shirts, jewelry and other objects to give as gifts.

Shopping in Lima, Peru

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