Shopping in Frankfurt, Germany

Shopping in Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt is a city that offers several shopping malls and streets that please everyone who likes to shop, from those who have a lot to spend to the most restrained, but who don’t miss the chance to return home with at least one souvenir.

When walking through the central area of ​​the city, you cannot be indifferent to Zeil Fussgängerzone, a pedestrian street with a huge shopping mall – MyZeil – full of stores like Replay, Superdry and Swarovsky, as well as jaw-dropping architecture. Inside, for example, the visitor will find an escalator that goes from the ground floor to the fourth floor without stopping. Check for abbreviations and acronyms related to Frankfurt, Germany.

The whole area around the mall is also worth mentioning, as it houses a series of stores of all kinds – including two famous department stores, Galeria Kaufhof and Karstadt – various snack bars / cafes, in addition to the fact that it usually hosts for the presentation of street artists.

But if the intention is to take home souvenirs from the city such as t-shirts, trinkets, caps, etc., the tip is the little shops in Romer square, which are next to each other and sell a wide variety of products.

Check out the city’s main shopping streets below:


A few meters walk from the Hauptwache and the bustling Zeil shopping street, is the Goethestraße. A street named after Frankfurt’s most famous personality and which concentrates expensive and well-known brands around the world, such as Dior, Cartier, Chanel, among others.

The tip for those who do not intend to spend anything, therefore, is to walk down the street, admire the architecture and, of course, take the opportunity to explore the entire region around it, which, by the way, is quite busy!

Große Bockenheimer Straße

Bockenheimer Straße is a shopping street that is just a few meters from Opernplatz (see map), Frankfurt’s Old Opera Square. Throughout its length, there are commercial establishments of the most diverse types, among them Apple, cafes such as Starbucks, Häagen-Dazs, clothing and accessories stores and much more.


In the middle of Frankfurt’s largest shopping area, more precisely on the An der Hauptwache square , is the Baroque building erected between 1729 and 1731 by designer Johann Samhaimer. Initially, the site functioned as a police / prison station, but, years later, it housed the cozy Hauptwache café.

The Hauptwache and the square itself are also considered to be true meeting points in the city. On site, which is just a few steps from Zeil (the famous shopping street), Paulskirsche (church) and the Eschenheimer Turm, there is also a Metro station.


The busy street just a few steps from the Hauptbanhof, Frankfurt’s central train station, is one of the few places in Germany where you can still find 18th century buildings that were not destroyed in World War II.

The Kaiserstraße is extensive and the part closest to the station ends up being well known for bringing together stores like sex shops and houses that offer adult entertainment. The other part, however, has a series of stores – some of which are luxury – in addition to cafes and snack bars where it is possible to eat something delicious and without spending the tubes.

Our tip in the area is Jasmin’s Finest Bagueteria, a coffee of Turkish origin that serves a range of delicacies at affordable prices.


Food markets and markets are highly recommended places for those who want to know more about a particular culture. And the Kleinmarkthalle in Frankfurt leaves nothing to be desired in this regard.

The market is closed and not very large, but it offers a good variety of food products and a floor full of food stands prepared and sold on the spot, as well as excellent wines. Among the most popular foods is the famous typical sausage / sausage served with mustard and bread. It is worthwhile to face the long lines that are formed to taste this delight!

Hasengasse 5-7, Frankfurt am Main – CEP: 60311
Telephone: +49 69 291925
Hours: Mon – Fri: 8: 00–18: 00 \ nSat: 8: 00–16: 00 \ n


This is one of the most frequented stores on the Zeil shopping street. An Irish brand that sells a bit of everything, and at super affordable prices, across Europe. There are several floors with clothes, shoes and accessories for women, men and children, all according to the season of the moment.

This means that if you go to Frankfurt in the winter and need to buy gloves, hats, socks and other items to face the cold weather, you must visit Primark. We guarantee that the price will be much better than in other stores!

Zeil 94, Frankfurt am Main – CEP: 60313
Telephone: +49 69 29723556
Website: http: // https: //
Hours: Mon – Wed, Fri – Sat: 10: 00–21: 00 \ n


The Römerberg is, without a doubt, one of the sights that most symbolize the city of Frankfurt. Located in the old center, the square draws attention for its beautiful buildings, including the Alte Nikolaikirche church and the Romer, which houses the city hall. Originally erected in the 15th century, the Romer has expanded over the years, totaling three buildings (the middle one is known as “Zum Römer”).

The east side of the square is known as Ostzeile, that is, six “houses” rebuilt according to models from the 15th and 16th centuries, where, on the ground floor, it is possible to buy all kinds of souvenirs. In the center of the square is the Fountain of Justice ( Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen), built in 1543, where a statue of the goddess Justitia holding the scales of justice is displayed, but without the blindfold.

Recalling that the bombings of World War II almost completely destroyed the historic center of Frankfurt, including the Römerberg. The square, however, was rebuilt later.

Römerberg, Frankfurt am Main – CEP: 60311
Hours: Mon – Sun: 24 hours \ n


It is impossible to spend a season in Frankfurt and remain indifferent to Zeil, the famous shopping street in the center of Frankfurt. Even if you do not intend to buy anything, the area will attract your attention due to the big movement, especially on weekends, when the pedestrian street becomes the stage for performances by street artists.

On the street, there are options for all types of pockets. We highlight here, for example, the gigantic MyZeil, a mall with an incredible glass facade and an escalator that goes from the first to the fourth floor without stopping. Inside, in addition to the wide variety of shops, there are also restaurants, cafes and snack bars.

Another very cool Zeil department store is Galeria Kaufhof, a four-story building entirely dedicated to consumption – clothes, shoes, accessories, household items and more – there is also a restaurant at the top of the building. Primark is an Irish brand that sells everything at very affordable prices. Find out more about it here.

Shopping in Frankfurt, Germany

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