Shopping in Florence, Italy

Shopping in Florence, Italy

Shopping in Florence is an easy task for those in the mood: the streets are full of varied shops, just walk. Some of them, however, are real shopping hotspots, with one store next to the other. And the city is democratic: it has fancy streets, others are less expensive and even little markets where you can find clothes for 5 euros. During the end of the seasons, stores usually make promotions to end the stock of clothes and shoes, mainly. In the beginning of spring, for example, it is possible to notice many sales of boots, since winter is over and few people are interested in boots in the beginning of spring, when it starts to get hot. In general, stores are cheaper than in Brazil and, even if the euro is expensive, it is still more worth buying there. Business hours are 9:30 am to 8:00 pm, there may be changes according to the store. In the summer, however, the schedule can be stretched a bit. Some stores do siesta and close for lunch.

Via Tornabuoni is the most chic there, with stores from Prada, Gucci, Tiffany, Rolex and Hermès, for example. Via Calimala is more diverse: it has cheap and expensive stores. Among them, Zara, Geox and Puma. Via Roma, although very small, brings together some well-known and sophisticated stores, such as Miu Miu, Prada, Liu Jo, Massimo Dutti and Gucci. To close the route of the shopping streets, Via Calzauoli, where you can find makeup, shoes, bags, bags, lingerie, cafes, opticians and much more. In addition, 30 kilometers from Florence, The Mall outlet attracts many tourists interested in luxury stores, such as Prada and Gucci. The complex offers up to 50% discount, but finding parts for less than 50 euros is not easy. Check for abbreviations and acronyms related to Florence, Italy.

Tax refunds

In Italy, you can request a refund of taxes embedded in products purchased while traveling. Thus, it is possible to receive up to 13% of the total spent. To get a refund, you must first order the Tax Refund Check at the store during the purchase (you can collect the tax coupons and get the Tax Refund Check later as well). You will receive two copies. Then, at the airport, you must go to customs and show the Tax Refund Check, passport and purchase invoices. Employees may ask to see products purchased. After getting the stamp on the Tax Refund Check, just receive the money. This happens in another space, already after the boarding x-ray. The money is usually given in euros, in kind.

Mercato della Paglia

A small version of Mercato San Lorenzo, this market in Piazza del Mercato Nuovo offers belts, leather jackets, bags, sweatshirts and souvenirs from Florence. Prices range from 2 to 80 euros, depending on the item. The space was built in 1547, when it was used as a place to sell silk. Then, in the 18th century, the market was renamed Mercado da Palha (Straw Market), since there were sold objects made of straw, such as hats.

In the market, the bronze boar attracts attention. If you go there, you can try your luck: they say people should touch the animal’s nose and put a coin in its mouth. With the water, the coin will fall. If it falls into the fountain, it is a sign of good luck. If you drop out, better try again, until you get the coin to the source. It will work, right?

Piazza del Mercato Nuovo, Firenze, Florence
Hours: Mon-Sun: 8: 00-20: 00 (Apr-Sep) Mon-Sun: 10: 00-18: 00 (Oct-Mar)

Mercato delle Pulci

Hidden and slightly off the beaten track, Florence’s Flea Market is worth a visit. The small stalls, organized in a small structure in Piazza dei Ciompi, sell everything, as long as it is old: household items, kitchen objects, lamps, furniture, paintings, coins, jewelry, books…

Even if you don’t like antique shops, it is worth visiting just to feel the atmosphere of ancient Italy. The market gets even cooler on the last Sunday of the month, when the stalls are not restricted to Piazza dei Ciompi and go to the streets. Attention: they usually close their doors on holidays, such as January 1st, May 1st and December 25th.

Piazza dei Ciompi, Florence
Hours: Mon-Sun: 9: 00-19: 30

Mercato San Lorenzo

Located next to the Basilica San Lorenzo, in the historic center, the market, considered the most important in Florence, offers varied products and much more affordable. Belts, leather jackets, sweatshirts, watches, hats and souvenirs are sold in stalls that have been there for decades. In general, belts are sold from 10 euros; leather coats from 40; sweatshirts from 15; and souvenirs from 2 euros. Even if you are not interested in the products sold there, it is interesting to visit the place and see how people and salespeople interact there.

Piazza di San Lorenzo, Florence
Hours: Mon-Sun: 8: 00-20: 00 (from April to September) Mon-Sun: 10: 00-18: 00 (from October to March)

The Mall Outlet Center

Located 30 kilometers from Florence, the luxury outlet has stores like Gucci, Prada, Diesel, Armani, Salvatore Ferragamo, Montblanc, Burberry, Valentino, Fendi, Dior, Pucci, Roberto Cavalli and Yves Saint Laurent. Despite promising discounts of up to 50%, the products have a hefty price tag there. At Prada, for example, the cheapest shoe we found cost 200 euros. A basic T-shirt at Gucci costs around 100 euros. However, in other stores, like Armani Jeans, you can find T-shirts for 50 euros. The space has a restaurant, bar and snack bar, so you can spend the whole day shopping. In general, the only days when the outlet does not work are January 1st, December 25th and 26th and April 5th.

How to get

To get there, there are four options: taxi (around 50 euros); buses (leave from Busitalia station on Via Caterina da Siena, number 17, next to Santa Maria Novella station). Tickets cost 5 euros (10 euros roundtrip). Buses run every day, from 8:50 am until 6 pm (intervals varying between half an hour and an hour). It is also possible to get there by train + taxi. The train ticket from Santa Maria Novella costs 3.40 euros. You must get off at Rignano Sull’Arno station and take a taxi to the outlet (5 minutes). Another option is the shuttle service offered by the outlet itself. To book, just call +39 055 8657775.

Via Europa, 8, Leccio Reggello – CEP: 50066
Telephone: +39 055 865 7775
Hours: Mon-Sun: 10: 00–19: 00 Mon-Sun: 10: 00- 20:00 (June, July and August)

Via Calimala

Very democratic and one of the busiest streets in Florence, Via Calimala brings together stores of the most varied types: clothes and makeup, including shoes and glasses. Prices are also not standardized: there we can find expensive, cheap and medium-priced stores. Among the most popular stores on the street are Zara, Puma, Geox and Sandro, an Italian clothing brand. As soon as Via Calimala ends, we fall on Via Roma, very narrow and with more sophisticated brands, such as Miu Miu, Prada, Liu Jo, Gucci and Massimo Dutti.

Via Calzaiuoli

This is one of the most important streets in the city, it links Piazza della Signoria to Piazza del Duomo. Throughout its length, it is possible to find hundreds of stores. Makeup, shoes, bags, bags, lingerie, glasses, jewelry and jewelry are easily found on this street. Among the main stores are Disney, Swarovski, Solaris, L’Occitane, Fossil and Luisa Spagnoli. Prices also vary: there are expensive, cheap and reasonably priced stores.

Via Tornabuoni

The street is synonymous with glamor in Florence: throughout its length, it is possible to see luxurious shops, as well as the most expensive hotels and cafes in the city. Near the banks of the River Arno, Via Tornabuoni has stores such as Prada, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Tiffany, Roberto Cavalli, Bvlgari, Rolex, Hermès and Swarovski. Perhaps due to high prices, the street is not usually as busy as the others. But it’s worth a walk there, even if you’re not interested in shopping. The road is very beautiful and spacious.

Shopping in Florence, Italy

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