Shopping in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Shopping in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Although Edinburgh is much smaller than other capitals in Europe and does not have the same shopping structure as in Paris or London, the Scottish capital has good trade. There are both simple local shops and large department stores or some of the most coveted brands in the world.

If your business is shopping, don’t miss a walk through the streets of New Town, considered the new part of the city. Princes Street, Edinburgh’s main shopping street, is home to major stores, including Jenners (House of Praser) and Primark. Streets near Princes Street, such as George Street, also have great shopping, and if you walk to Multrees Walk, you will see shops of famous brands like Michael Kors and Louis Vuitton.

In Old Town, the highlight is the Royal Mile, which runs from Edinburgh Castle to the Palace of Holyroodhouse. The street has many bars and restaurants, as well as shops that mainly sell travel souvenirs and products of Scottish origin. In this region you are likely to find shops selling kilt (traditional petticoat in the country), whiskey and shortbread, a delicious and popular biscuit in the place, made with sugar and butter. Also in Old Town, it is worth going to Cockburn Street, which, despite having few stores, has some peculiar and charming products. Check for abbreviations and acronyms related to Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

In addition to the many high street shops, Edinburgh also has its shopping malls – including Princes Mall, next to Princes Street, and St James. Both are well located and, because they are closed spaces, can yield good purchases on rainy days. Do not expect, however, that they are like some giant Brazilian malls, their structures are much simpler.

Remember that the currency used in Scotland / United Kingdom is the pound sterling. When making a purchase, we suggest making the conversion to the real, in order to see if buying the product in the country is really advantageous.

The good news is that many products purchased in the country are entitled to tax free, which refunds taxes to tourists embedded in the value of purchases. In order to have your taxes refunded, you must buy at least £ 30 in each store, keep the purchase receipt and request the tax free form from the store. Check here all the steps for the UK tax refund.

George Street

George Street is a street parallel to Princes Street, one of the main streets in the city. It is located in New Town, a new part of the city marked by neoclassical architecture, and has good shopping, with shops, restaurants, pubs, banks and restaurants along its length.

The place is super recommended for shopping and finding some brands that are successful in the UK and worldwide, because in addition to George Street itself having a lot of commerce, the nearby streets are full of shops. For those who want to enjoy the nightlife, the route may have some interesting options.

Multrees Walk

To buy luxury items or visit some of the world famous brand stores, our suggestion is to visit Multrees Walk. The place concentrates establishments that sell refined articles; therefore, it is indicated for those with a loose budget.

Among the stores in that region are Hugo Boss, Mulberry, Michael Kors, Swarovski and Harvey Nichols.

30-34 St Andrew Sq, Edinburgh – CEP: EH1 3DQ

Princes Street

Princes Street is one of Edinburgh’s main streets and an important part of the city’s history. In this way it is customary to make the limitation between New Town (the newest part) and Old Town (the oldest part of the Scottish capital).

The street is quite busy when its stores are open and one of its curiosities is that, along its entire length, it is possible to admire Edinburgh Castle, the main tourist symbol of the city. Princes Street also houses the Scott Monument and the beautiful gardens of Princes Street, which are great for an outdoor walk.

Stores like H&M, House of Fraser, Gap, Primark, The Body Shop and Topshop are present in the place. Anyone looking to shop should not miss walking down this street and exploring the others that are nearby, as this is considered Edinburgh’s best shopping area.

St James Center

St James is one of Edinburgh’s shopping centers suitable for shopping indoors. The mall has stores of various products and is a suggestion for those who want to find a little bit of everything in the same space. The prices are worth it, especially when there is a promotion – such as Boxing Day, in which there is even a line at the doors before the stores open.

In this mall you can find stores of recognized brands and local stores, such as Boots and Accessorize and John Lewis.

It is important to remember that the mall is small and does not have the same structure found in large Brazilian malls.

Waverley Mall

Princes Mall is a shopping center located in the heart of Edinburgh, close to Princes Street and Waverley Station. The place is not very big, but offers some shopping options and a food court with restaurants like Starbucks, Mc Donald’s and FKC. Don’t get your hopes up when it comes to shopping, as the place is small and far from offering the same structure as large Brazilian malls.

Above the Princes Mall is the Edinburgh tourist information office, great for information, purchasing tours or buying some Scotland related products.

Princes St, Edinburgh – CEP: EH1 1BQ
Telephone: +44 131 557 3759
Hours: Mon – Wed, Fri – Sat: 9: 00–18: 00 \ nQui: 9: 00–19: 00 \ nSunday: 11: 00–17: 00 \ n

Shopping in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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