Shopping in Easter Island

Shopping in Easter Island

Easter Island is far from a good shopping destination; if you want to take some souvenirs home, it’s good to prepare your pocket. Besides the little variety, the prices of the products are not usually very attractive.

Shopping in Easter Island

If you still don’t want to go home without any souvenirs or gifts, be sure to visit the street shops in Hanga Roa, which can have cooler prices than the fair and the Mercado Artesanal, famous places to buy handicrafts and with great prices. variety of products.

Did you forget to buy something? There is no reason for a headache. The island’s airport also has some shops that sell products and can be used to take that last minute souvenir home.
If the money is short, a good way to send a souvenir to those who could not travel is to buy a postcard and send it by post – simple and cheap!

Hanga Roa Fair
The Hanga Roa fair has its own closed space and is used to sell natural and handcrafted products. In the morning, locals take the opportunity to sell their products near the fair, making it a good option to buy fresh produce.

It is not an unmissable place to visit, but it can be interesting if you want to buy some crafts or fruit.

Craft Market
Can’t get back from a trip without a memory? At Mercado de Hanga Roa you can find a variety of products in one place. The quantity of handicrafts is large, however the price leaves a little to be desired, exactly because it is a place of great tourist appeal.

The advantages of the place: you will be able to pay by credit card and you will find practically every type of souvenir to take away from the trip.