Shopping in Dublin, Ireland

Shopping in Dublin, Ireland

Entire streets full of shops – from the most expensive to the cheapest -, super trendy shopping centers, interesting markets and fairs. Yes, Dublin is a city that conquers the visitor who loves to do some shopping, right away.

Do not know where to start? How about a walk in one of the most famous addresses in the capital, Grafton Street ? On this vibrant street – and in the surrounding area – you will find a number of establishments selling national products and, of course, international brands. In addition, Grafton is a short walk from another well-known street – and considered much more affordable from the financial point of view: Henry Street. Check for abbreviations and acronyms related to Dublin, Ireland.

For those who enjoy the atmosphere of fairs and open air markets, the tip is the Ha’Penny Flea Market, on Saturdays, from noon to 6pm. A place where you will find a little bit of everything, in addition to a relaxed atmosphere. Click here to check the address of the place.

What if it’s raining?

On colder or rainy days, for example, you can opt for department stores that are quite successful locally, like the famous Arnotts and Debenhams on Henry Street and Brown Thomas on Grafton. See for more information about Dublin, Ireland.

Another option for those who don’t miss the opportunity to go shopping is the city’s shopping malls, such as St. Stephen’s Green (check out a post below), the Hibernian Way, between Dawson and Grafton Streets, and the Powerscourt Center, with several options of restaurants and cafes.


Avoca is a very famous Irish brand, full of history and tradition, which has been manufacturing and marketing various types of products for years. One of the brand’s stores around the country – the one located on Suffolk Street, in Dublin – impresses with its size and also with the variety of products sold, such as clothes, accessories, decorative objects, souvenirs, among others.

After visiting the store, be sure to check out the food hall, full of amazing products, in addition to taking the time to visit the local café, whose menu is full of delights served for breakfast and lunch. Avoca on Suffolk St. opens: Monday to Wednesday, from 9:30 am to 6 pm; on Thursdays and Fridays, from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm; on Saturdays, from 9:30 am to 6 pm; and on Sundays, from 11am to 6pm.

More information is available on the website.

11-13 Suffolk St, Dublin – CEP: 2
Telephone: +353 1 672 6019
Hours: Mon – Wed, Sat: 9: 30–18: 00 \ nQui – Fri: 9: 30–19: 00 \ nSunday: 11: 00–18: 00 \ n

Grafton Street

No matter how much time you spend in Dublin, it is likely that at one time or another you will end up on Grafton Street, one of the most famous addresses in the Irish capital. Clothing, shoes and accessories stores, books, electronic items, as well as some excellent cafes and historic buildings are spread out along the entire street, which also ends up being an important cultural point in the city, the stage for several talented artists.

Tip from the MD: the street is excellent for exploring on foot, even for those who do not intend to buy anything. In addition, the area, full of hotels and hostels, is good for those who want to stay close to Dublin’s main attractions.

Sráid Grafton, Dublin – CEP: 2

Guinness Storehouse

In Dublin you will get to know the headquarters of one of the best known breweries in the world, the Guinness Storehouse. A seven-storey, ultra-modern and interactive building, totally dedicated to the history of the famous brand, from the foundation (250 years ago) to the present day.

Right away, the building in the shape of a giant Guinness pint draws the visitor’s attention. During the tour of the number 1 attraction in the Irish capital, various other important information and objects are displayed in an interesting way, such as on the ground floor, where there is a copy of the lease signed by Arthur Guinness in 1759.

In addition, in the Guinness Academy section the visitor can learn to draw a perfect pint of Guinness and still receive a diploma. At the Gravity Bar, on the seventh floor, you can enjoy beer while admiring one of the most beautiful views of the Irish capital.

Guinness and gastronomy

Guinness beer has been used in Irish cuisine for years, in the preparation of dishes such as beef stew, breads, mussels, among other delicacies. Therefore, it is only fair that some sections of the Storehouse were dedicated to the delights of local cuisine.

The Gilroy’s restaurant, for example, has a slightly more formal atmosphere and offers more refined service, in addition to a menu full of traditional dishes with a contemporary twist. Those who want something simpler, cheaper and as tasty, can opt for Arthur’s Bar, an authentic Irish pub, or The Barge Cafe, which serves salads, gourmet sandwiches and the famous Irish scones with mastery.

Visit information

The Guiness Storehouse opens daily and admission to the venue costs € 16.50 (adults) and € 13 (students over 18), with a glass of beer included. To purchase your ticket at a discount, simply purchase online (click here). Students under 18 pay € 10.50 and are entitled to a non-alcoholic drink.

St James’s Gate, Dublin – CEP: 8
Telephone: +353 1 408 4800
Hours: Mon – Sun: 9: 30–17: 00 \ n

Henry Street

Do you like to do some shopping without spending the tubes? So bustling Henry Street – adjacent to O’Connell St. – must be one of your must-see stops in the Irish capital.

A vibrant pedestrian street full of shopping options for all tastes, like Arnotts, the largest department store in the country and one of the most famous and beloved establishments of the locals. In addition, you can still find brands known worldwide, such as Zara.

O’Connell Street

As you walk through central Dublin, at some point you will come across O’Connell Street, an important local avenue, overcrowded (where most of the city’s buses pass), full of monuments, statues and surrounded by opportunities for shopping and entertainment.

Take the time to walk around it, on foot and without haste, in order to admire all the architecture and art displayed in this outdoor space, such as the monument dedicated to Daniel O’Connell, the Dublin Spiral (The Monument of Light) – reportedly the tallest sculpture in the world – in addition to the statues of the poet James Joyce, author of “Ulysses”, and of Jim Larkin, a renowned Irish citizen. The journey from one end to the other takes about 20 minutes.

MD’s tip: the street is even more beautiful at night (and very interesting, too, for those who enjoy photography). However, care must be taken when moving around the area with cameras and cell phones at this time. Stay tuned!

Powerscourt Townhouse Center

Clothing stores – including several local designers -, antique shops, jewelers and a wide range of cafes and restaurants. Located very close to Grafton Street, the Powerscourt Center is a complete shopping and gastronomy center, housed in a beautiful and historic Georgian building on South William Street.

In addition to excellent shops, in the elegant and well-decorated interior of the Powerscourt the visitor finds a gourmet section with six establishments, among them Cafe Togo, with a menu of sandwiches, salads, traditional Irish scones, among other delicacies. Already Terrazzo Italia, on the second floor, offers a menu full of delights – all prepared with fresh ingredients – ideal for those who want a more special meal.

The Powerscourt Center is open from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 6 pm (on Thursdays, the place is open until 8 pm). On Saturdays, the mall opens from 9 am to 6 pm; on Sundays, from noon to 6pm. Complete information on the site website.

59 S William St, Dublin – CEP: 2
Telephone: +353 1 679 4144
Hours: Mon – Wed, Fri: 10: 00–18: 00 \ nQui: 10: 00– 20: 00 \ nSat: 9: 00–18: 00 \ nSunday: Noon – 18: 00 \ n

St Stephen’s Green Shopping Center

In Dublin it usually rains a lot and a good shopping center option for bad weather days is St. Stephen’s Green, a shopping center that is next to the park of the same name, where the visitor will find clothing stores – several brands well-known, accessories, electronics, souvenirs, among many other products, in addition to cafes and restaurants, such as the famous TGI Friday’s, La Croissanterie and Green & Baker.

The mall is open: Monday to Wednesday, on Fridays and Saturdays, from 9 am to 7 pm; on Thursdays, from 9 am to 9 pm; and on Sundays, from 11am to 6pm.

More information and a complete list of stores are available on the site website.

St Stephen’s Green West, Dublin – CEP: 2
Telephone: +353 1 478 0888

Shopping in Dublin, Ireland

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