Shopping in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Shopping in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is a city steeped in luxury and tradition. And these characteristics reflect a lot in the shopping offer in the region. In Dubai, it is possible to find everything from traditional souks (Arab markets with products from different countries, including a lot of gold) to haute couture stores that appeal to the most demanding – and wealthy – publics. Although Dubai seems like a very expensive city at first glance, in stores the prices are friendly, especially when we talk about some products that are tax free, such as electronics. Prices are not as good as those in the United States, but they are certainly pleasing when compared to those in Brazil.

Shopping is one of the favorite activities among Dubai residents, especially when we remember that the city’s climate requires strategic stops in air-conditioned locations. In Dubai, there is a huge variety of international brands – popular and luxury – and even options for outlets for those who can’t resist a bargain. By the way! Bargaining is the key word in souks! In large malls, such as the Dubai Mall (considered the largest in the world), the ideal is to invest in periods of festivals and promotions. For those who are in Dubai just for a quick ticket, the Dubai International Airport Free Shop will certainly be able to meet your shopping needs. But stay tuned! It is so big that many people miss their flight time looking at the products. Check for abbreviations and acronyms related to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Souks, traditional markets

More than just shopping spots, the Souks – as popular Arab markets are called – are also tourist spots in Dubai. The tour is independent of the need for shopping, but of course you can invest in some bags full there. The main and most traditional markets in the city are on the edge of Dubai Creek. They form a large shopping center capable of occupying many hours for a traveler.

Among the most famous and sought after souks in the Creek complex are the Gold Souk (Gold Market) and Spice Souk (Spice Market). Known for its intense gold trading, the Gold Souk is the largest market of its kind in the world. The place offers dozens of stores where incredible jewelry of the most varied values ​​are sold. The windows are mesmerizing, but it is important to stay tuned! Those who have no knowledge of gold may end up buying a pig in a poke. Prefer large stores and don’t fall for the salespeople who constantly offer pieces in the aisles. The Spice Souk draws attention for the incredible variety of spices that are sold. Be sure to buy some rare spices in Brazil, such as different types of saffron. In the same region, there are also markets for carpets, perfumes, clothes, shoes and even electronics.

A little less traditional, but no less charming, the Souk Madinat appeals to the beautiful aisles and more selected goods. The market, located at Madinat Jumeirah Resort, makes the most modern line and also offers good restaurants and bars, as well as a beautiful view of the canal. It is a beautiful place to stroll. In the same vein, Souk Al Bahar also combines traditional products stores with delicious restaurants overlooking the lake where the Dubai Mall fountains show takes place. A good tour option after seeing the lights of the Burj Khalifa, but the market itself is much more modest in size compared to the others.

Malls and outlets, the passion of Dubai residents

Dubai’s fame as a shopping haven in the Middle East is no less. The city offers several malls for those who want to do some shopping. But not only that. Dubai has the largest mall in the world. They can combine shopping, entertainment and excellent dining options very well. As a result, shopping malls attract crowds that spend hours wandering the corridors. Not to mention that the city’s shopping malls tend to stay open until later compared to other tourist cities around the world. It is not uncommon to find stores open at midnight.

The main shopping spot in Dubai is the Dubai Mall. Considered the largest shopping mall in the world, the Dubai Mall offers more than 1200 brands (among popular and haute couture), in addition to dozens of restaurants, a huge aquarium, spectacular decorations, an ice skating rink and even a mini for the fun of people. children. Not to mention the fountain show that takes place on the lake between Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa. It is not a place to visit just once. You need to be in shape and aware of the map to be able to go through all the corridors.

The Mall of The Emirates is also an excellent choice for those looking for shopping. It is not as big as the Dubai Mall and for that reason it is much easier to walk. The main attraction of the Mall of The Emirates, in addition to the shops, is Ski Dubai. The indoor piste for skiing is located inside the shopping mall and is a spectacle even for those who are outside watching through the window.

Dubai Mall and Mall of The Emirates are the two main shopping options in Dubai, but the city is full of them! The Ibn Battuta Mall, with more than 270 stores, draws attention for its exaggeratedly typical and even slightly folkloric decoration linked to the Middle East. The Mercato Mall, with 140 stores, follows another trend and simulates a small Italian Renaissance town. For those who are strolling at Dubai Marina, it is worth investing in the Dubai Marina Mall, which offers more than 130 stores and is well located at the main point of the waterfront at the edge of the canal. Those in the old part of the city have Burjuman, the oldest mall in Dubai. Despite his age, he remains attractive and full of good brands. It is a great option for those staying in the region.

Those who prefer to invest in shopping at outlets have two options in Dubai, but both are far from the city center. The Outlet Village is a good option for those who go to Dubai Parks, since the two are neighbors. In a walk of less than five minutes, you move from one to the other and enjoy the day of sightseeing also for some shopping. But the Dubai Outlet Mall, with 240 stores, is not close to any other attraction (the closest is Global Village, located 16 km away), so it is only a good option for those who really want to go to an outlet. It is important to say that neither of the two outlets is as big as the ones in the USA nor does it offer such advantageous prices, but they are certainly cheaper compared to the values ​​of the products in Dubai and in Brazil. For those who want to visit the outlets, the two offer a free shuttle from various points in Dubai.

Streets and large shopping complexes outside malls

Dubai offers several regions that concentrate many stores and are not necessarily inside the malls. They are great walks, especially when the weather is mild and it becomes more enjoyable to walk outdoors. Of course, the shopping options are not as varied as at the Dubai Mall, but in compensation it is possible to combine other shopping trips, such as a sea bath, a day at the amusement park or a beautiful boat trip.

To combine the beach with shopping, the best place in Dubai is The Walk at JBR. The promenade, on the edge of the beach called simply The Beach, offers excellent shopping, wonderful restaurants and a cool atmosphere. In the milder seasons, the place hosts fairs, open-air cinema and live shows. A delight for a stroll at sunset. If you are looking for a more urban environment, look for neighbors City Walk and Box Park. The two together form a good set of shops, restaurants and entertainment. Everything very cool and with a modern look.

Those who prefer more traditional shopping and typical products cannot miss the chance to go to the Global Village. The entertainment complex brings together several warehouses of different nationalities, where typical products from each country are sold. A paradise for those looking for unusual shopping and who love new cultures. Prices are great and you can get out of there with several acquisitions. Other good options for those looking for themed products are Dubai Parks and IMG World. The amusement parks offer excellent stores with the themes of superheroes, Lego toys, cinema and even Bollywood! Great for special purchases.

Shopping festivals

Dubai offers good prices throughout the year, but as the promotions are taken there seriously, it is good to keep an eye out to enjoy! Whoever is in the city during the month of January can enjoy the Dubai Shopping Festival, an event that gathers most of the stores in the city and offers excellent discounts! In the month of July, Dubai Summer Surprises is having a consumer party. It is worth remembering that the discounts may not compensate due to the enormous heat it gets in Dubai during this period. Better to invest in Dubai Shopping Festival, which takes place at the height of winter!

Box park

Dubai has gained another excellent meeting point for those who like trendy bars, restaurants and cafés, always surrounded by good shops. Box Park is one of the new leisure areas in the city and offers several options to enjoy, especially after dark. The biggest difference of Box Park is the shops’ facilities, which operate inside container structures. Some are just decorative, but many do offer tables and good meals inside the boxes. It is a good option for a quiet dinner. As there are several establishments next to each other, it is easy to choose a place for a meal or a coffee. Very close to Box Park is the City Walk. The two make a good one-two ride.


there There is no subway around Box Park. To be more affordable, go to the Burj Khalifa / Dubai Mall metro station, on the red line, and take a taxi from there. Box Park also offers a free shuttle service.

City Walk

City Walk Dubai offers visitors a modern and trendy atmosphere, good shops, a wide variety of restaurants and cafes, as well as entertainment options. The complex is part of a development that also involves the construction of a high standard residential area, all very close to Downtown. The space mixes closed and open environments and is great for a leisurely stroll or commitment. If you are staying in the region, City Walk is a good option for dinner. When you are there, be sure to also visit Box Park, another region full of good shops and trendy restaurants that will surely please you.

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is considered the largest mall in the world. With more than 1,400 shops, restaurants and attractions, it is able to keep a visitor busy for a few days. And when we talk about days, it’s no exaggeration. It is practically impossible to see the whole mall in just one day. The place is so grand that it is common for visitors to get lost among the long and endless aisles of stores.

Located in Downtown Dubai in the Burj Khalifa complex, the Dubai Mall is an almost mandatory visit for anyone in the city, because it is through it that you have access to At The Observation Deck, the viewpoint of the tallest building in the world. This, however, is not the only attraction at the Dubai Mall. At the mall, it is possible to walk in a large ice skating rink, visit one of the largest indoor aquariums in the world, visit Kidzânia (a large children’s entertainment complex), play a lot in Sega Republic and even fly the Boeing A 380 simulator Not to mention that it is in the artificial lake of the Dubai Mall where the Dubai Fountains show takes place, the spectacle of dancing light sources.

Dubai Mall is the ideal place for those who want to buy everything in one place. There you can find from the most popular department stores to the big and renowned luxury brands from around the world. A paradise for those who want to invest in shopping. The good news is that, besides being great, the Dubai Mall is open until later, which makes life easier for those who will be in Dubai for a short time.

Dubai Aquarium

The Dubai Aquarium is among the main attractions of the Dubai Mall and is especially pleasing to children. Considered one of the largest indoor aquariums in the world, the Dubai Aquarium is composed of several different visits and experiences. The first is the large aquarium with a tunnel, where visitors can circulate and see the animals swimming. There are sharks, camps and different species of fish. The large aquarium has one side facing the inside of the mall, that is, even those who do not pay for the attraction can enjoy a little of the look. Outside the aquarium, there is an area that offers a small zoo, where you can meet different species. There is also the possibility to pay for a swim inside the aquarium, a submarine tour with transparent ground, a program to feed the fish and even a meeting with some animals.

Tickets and experiences range from AED 100 to AED 200 depending on the package chosen.

Dubai Parks and Resorts

One of Dubai’s newest attractions also promises to be a favorite with travelers. The Dubai Parks and Resorts entertainment complex offers three theme parks and a common area filled with good restaurants, bars and shops. A delight for those who cannot resist a lively day amid roller coasters and toys of all kinds. Dubai Parks and Resorts is formed by Motiongate, Bollywood Parks and Legoland, in addition to Riverland, a leisure area open to the public that connects all parks. Those who wish to stay there for longer may even stay inside the complex, which has the Lapita resort, especially dedicated to those who want to enjoy Dubai Parks even more. See more about each of the attractions.


With a cinema theme, Motiongate is the most radical park among the three. This is where the main roller coasters and toys that make your stomach feel cold. The park is all inspired by the cinematographic universe, with sections divided by major themes, such as: Dream Works, where the attractions have themes of Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon and Madagascar; Columbia Pictures, where there are toys inspired by the stories of the Ghostbusters, It’s Raining Hamburger and Hotel Transilvânia; Smurfs Village, with toys inspired by smurfs; Hunger Games, where are the most radical attractions of the park; and Studio Central, a boulevard that pays homage to the classics of Hollywood and New York.

Bollywood Parks

The first and only theme park dedicated to Indian cinema, Bollywood Parks is a truly new experience for those who enjoy amusement parks. Only the decoration, all in the country theme, is worth the trip. However, by watching the first show of typical dances from Bollywood films, you will be sure that the visit was worth it! The shows take place throughout the park, at various times of the day. Great for watching between one toy and another.

In fact, the toys tell the story of the heroes, good guys and bad guys of Indian cinema, with excellent simulators. The park does not offer many radical toys and the big local star is the shows and attractions that show more about Bollywood production. It is even worth taking one of the dance classes offered there! Be sure to also try the authentic flavors served in the park’s restaurants.


Dedicated mainly to the little ones, Legoland Dubai is a very playground for children, but no less fun for adults too. It is not difficult to see the points with legos available for assembly with more “big children” than small ones. So even if you don’t have children, it’s worth going to Legoland. Toys throughout the park offer different experiences, such as being a firefighter and putting out a fire and even building robots. A visit to Miniland is a must. In the exhibition, there are miniatures made in lego from various buildings in Dubai and the World.


The recreational area that connects all the parks is called Riverland. Inspired by the villages of the French countryside, Riverland offers a bucolic setting, a great artificial canal and looks like a great medieval city. There are several good restaurants and shops on site, great for relaxing between one park and another or to spend the end of the day before leaving. Riverland is the only area in the park with free admission. So, even if you don’t intend to enter the parks, it’s worth going there to enjoy the restaurants. At the end, be sure to also check out the Outlet Village which is right across the parking lot. Maybe you’ll still come back with some more full bags, who knows?

Tickets for each park start at AED 215. There are packages that include two or three parks and others for several days of visit. The cost of the packages is from AED 335. To see the updated ticket prices, see the Dubai Parks website. Promotions are constantly offered, so keep an eye out to save a little.

How to get

Dubai Parks is located outside the city center and travel will not be quick. The best way to get to the park is by car. To save money, you can take the metro to the Jebel Ali – Red Line station. From there, you will need to take a taxi. The distance to Dubai Parks will be very short and the cost will not be high. Another alternative is to take the free transfer offered by Outlet Village, which is located next to Dubai Parks.

Global Village

Global Village is one of the most democratic spaces in Dubai. The entertainment complex (which operates on a seasonal basis) celebrates the meeting of peoples and introduces visitors to the culture of different countries. And, best of all, it has a very affordable price, that is, it is for everyone! The Global Village space is divided into pavilions from more than thirty countries worldwide. Each of them offers shopping, food and entertainment options typical of the region. It is an incredible opportunity to get to know habits, customs and to taste some delicacies from countries like Turkey, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Qatar, Jordan, Palestine, Pakistan, Thailand, India, China, Russia, Vietnam and even the popular United States, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and Australia. The pavilions are huge and beautifully decorated.

In addition to country pavilions, Global Village offers a large amusement park in the best molds of yesteryear. It is one of those spaces where everyone has fun and can still win many gifts with the right to sweets and popcorn. Of course, some more radical toys also make the party goers, but nothing like the huge ferris wheel to see the space from the top. It is also worth taking advantage of the outdoor shows that take place on the large central stage and also enjoying the typical dances and performances of each country. A delicious trip around the world at a very low cost!

The ticket to Global Village costs AED 15.

How to get there

When Global Village is in operation, there are two buses arriving at the location. The first route, 103, departs at the Union Station subway station (green and red lines). The second route, 104, leaves the Al Ghubaiba metro (green line). The two services operate from 15:15 to 23:15.

Gold and Spice Souks

The Middle East is famous for souks, as the wonderful popular markets that sell all kinds of products are called. Dubai is no different. Although the city has a recent history, it is possible to find traditional markets amid the modernity of the place. The main spaces dedicated to the art of bargaining are the Gold Souk and the Spice Souk, the two are neighbors and are located on the edge of Dubai Creek, in the Deira region.

The Gold Souk is the largest gold market in the world and offers much more affordable prices than the big jewelers. It is an excellent opportunity for those who like gold and other precious metals. While ensuring that there are no fake jewelry for sale, it is very important to keep an eye on the quality of the metal, especially if you try to sell 18 carat gold as if it were 24. Some sellers even show the difference between real gold and myrrh, called fool’s gold. Prefer large stores that are certified. Avoid vendors who are in the aisles offering spare parts, they are unlikely to be true. Before going to the market, check the gold price in Dubai to make sure you are getting a good deal. It is common for prices to drop by up to 30% during negotiations. Detail for the fact that in the Gold Souk gold is sold by weight and not by piece. Depending on the quality of the piece, a fee may be charged for manual labor.

Spice Souk is also in the same complex of markets. The place is ideal for those who love good cuisine and love to buy some spices. Arab markets always offer a huge variety of spices and will certainly help to enrich the dinner table when you return to Brazil. Pay attention to the price and always ask before buying to avoid paying too much. Salespeople love to trade values ​​and this is one of the best attractions of the souks.

While Gold Souk and Spice Souk are the most famous markets in Creek, they are not the only ones. In the same region, there are markets for perfumes, carpets, imported and electronics. Dubai is not free from fakes. So always keep your eyes open when buying. When leaving the souks, be sure to go down Dubai Creek in one of the boats in the region. The price is popular and the route is among the most historic in Dubai.

How to get

Dubai Creek’s souks are located near the Al Ras station on the green line of the Dubai Metro.

IMG Worlds of Adventure

Considered the largest indoor amusement park in the world, IMG Worlds of Adventure is an unmissable attraction for those who love exciting toys and cannot resist some screams mixed with laughter. The park offers attractions for all ages and tastes and, best of all, it has air conditioning in all attractions!

The park is divided into several sections and each has a different theme. The Marvel Zone has toys inspired by the Marvel universe. The Hulk simulator is sensational, while Spiderman’s roller coaster is capable of pulling out a few screams. The Thunder Spin, by the character Thor, is not far behind and also amuses the spectators outside the toy, who follow the infinite turns of those who are spinning in the air. The Lost Valley Dinosaur Adventure appeals to visitors who are passionate about Jurassic time. The park area is full of dinosaurs and the toys are all inspired by the period. The highlights are the Predator and Velociraptor roller coasters. In the Cartoon Network area, the main characters are Ben 10, The Powerpuff Girls, The Amazing World of Gumball and Adventure Time. There are several delicious toys for children, but the section, although more childlike, pleases adults with the spinning toy of the Powerpuff Girls and the Ben 10 5D simulator. In addition to the toys, IMG has several restaurants and themed stores. Take the opportunity to take memories of your favorite characters home.

Anyone who wants to enjoy the park well without having to queue up can purchase a Fast Track Pass and pass in front of several toys. The pass is excellent especially for those who have little time and go on very busy days.

Ticket prices

  • Adults: AED 300
  • Children up to 1.20 m tall: AED 250
  • Children under 1.05 m tall: Free
  • Adults over 60: AED 150

IMG Worlds of Adventure is located very close to the Global Village. If you are in Dubai when the Global Village is open (from November to April), take the opportunity to do both tours on the same day.

Mall of the Emirates

The Mall of The Emirates, like the Dubai Mall, is an excellent option for Shopping in Dubai. The mall is one of the largest in the city and offers more than 360 stores for those who want to fill some bags during the trip, both popular and luxury brands. At the mall, there are brands such as: Apple Store, GAP, Hollister, H&M, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Zara, Balenciaga, Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Longchamp, Nike, DKNY, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Prada and others. The Mall of The Emirates, in addition to the good shopping options, has over 100 restaurants and cafes to help with meal times.

The mall also offers one of the city’s great attractions: Ski Dubai. Considered one of the largest indoor ski slopes in the world, it especially appeals to those who have never had the opportunity to venture out through the snow.

Outlet Village Dubai

Anyone looking for good shopping opportunities in Dubai is sure to visit the Outlet Village. The mall, which specializes in outlet-type stores, offers good prices and discounts that are higher than those of major shopping malls in Dubai. The place is not as big as American outlets, but it offers stores like Armani, Banana Republic, Bebe, Calvin Klein, Coach, Diesel, DKNY, GAP, Lacoste, Michael Kors, Roberto Cavalli, Tommy Hilfiger, Tumi, Sephora, Adidas, Nike, Under Armor and others.

The Outlet Village is especially interesting for those visiting Dubai Parks. The two are located just two minutes walk from each other and can be visited on the same day. As they are quite far from the center of Dubai, the Outlet offers a free transfer for visitors from Jumeirah, Dubai Marina and Al Barsha, stopping at several hotels.

Souk Al Bahar

Located in the heart of Downtown Dubai, the Souk Al Bahar is a good option for those strolling around the Burl Khalifa and the Dubai Mall. The place is not very big, but it is worth it for the beautiful view of the lake where the Fountain Show takes place and also for the restaurants overlooking the Burj Khalifa, which every day at night gets a spectacular light show that transforms its facade. Be sure to sit facing the lake to enjoy good food and also relax with a hookah.

The nearest metro station to Souk Al Bahar is Burj Khalifa / Dubai Mall, on the red line.

Souk Madinat Jumeirah

This modern souk is part of the Madinat Jumeirah luxury hotel complex. Inspired by the old traditional Arab markets, Souk Madinat Jumeirah is a great alternative for shopping, especially for those who don’t like big malls. The souk offers from traditional products of Arab culture to modern products and art galleries. The architecture also follows the Arab style and in the middle of the complex you can even enjoy a large artificial canal. There are also several restaurants and bars in the area, a good choice for a cool night by the canal. Specialties range from Arabic, Persian, Lebanese, Indian, Italian, French, American and other foods. The most excited ones may even try a gondola ride (yes, that’s right) around the complex.

The Beach and The Walk

The Beach, as it is known in Dubai, is a delightful beach in the middle of JBR, one of the most beautiful residential areas in the city. The Beach appeals not only for the delicious sea, but also for the excellent offer of restaurants, snack bars, shops and entertainment options on the shore called The Walk. Much more than just a beach, The Beach and The Walk together offer fun for all tastes and for the whole family.

In high season, between the months of November and April, the beach receives a fair of food, clothing and accessories; events, such as open-air cinema and dance shows and live music; water park and amusement park; and even a seaside fitness center. It is a delightful place to spend the whole day. The restaurants are of excellent quality and the view from the balcony is perfect for the sunset. It is also worth investing in bars on the sand, which offer puffs for those who want to sit close to the sea and enjoy the ride even more intensely. On the beach, there are changing rooms and bathrooms that help those who want to spend the whole day there. At night the beach and the boardwalk gain even more charm, so it is a walk for any time of the day.

The best time to enjoy outdoor activities is between November and April, but even in the warmer months you can enjoy the view, the restaurants and the various cinemas. At any time of the year, The Beach is great!

Shopping in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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