Shopping in Cusco, Peru

Shopping in Cusco, Peru

For those who like crafts, Cusco will be irresistible. Many people think that Peru is not a country to buy, but anyone who likes decorative items and works of art will not be able to return to Brazil without new purchases in the suitcase. It doesn’t even take much effort for the purchases to reach you; just a few steps down the street to see shops with their badaluques and vendors offering hats with the name of the city.

The colorful fabrics, the clothes made of wool and the pictures with the typical Andean women are the main things you will see selling in the markets around the city and in the Sacred Valley. It is tourism that supports a large part of the residents of this region; so people are selling things everywhere.

The Pisac Market is excellent in terms of price, but in many places you can find good deals. The sellers even accept reais when making the sale, it is important to bargain a little to not pay too much on the products.

San Blas is the best neighborhood to visit ateliers and find works by local artists; those who prefer variety in a single place can visit the Centro Artesanal de Cusco.

Cusco Craft Center

The Centro Artesanal de Cusco is a place that brings together a little bit of everything that tourists are looking for. There you will find fabrics, shoes, bags, jewelry, paintings and ceramics, among other things.

It is normal to negotiate the price with the sellers, as many of them report a high first value when observing that they are tourists.

Pisac Market

The Pisac market is a great opportunity to buy the desired souvenirs. There are many options of handmade fabrics, bags, shirts, silver objects, dolls, purses, whatever… there is everything! People will put the price of products up there when they realize that you are a tourist; so, haggle without fear! Wrap around the portunhol and make a good offer, and your gift is guaranteed! Be sure to go there if you like shopping, as it is the best option for those looking to find variety in one place.

Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays are the days when the market is open.

Shopping in Cusco, Peru

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