Shopping in Curaçao

Shopping in Curaçao

Curacao offers good shopping opportunities. Compared with Brazil, the price of most products is worth it, but the price difference is not always exorbitant. The maxim is always to make the conversion before buying a product to evaluate if it is a worthwhile purchase.

Much of the trade is concentrated in Punda. In the streets of the capital you will find stores of some of the main brands in the world, mainly for clothes, perfumes and makeup. Among the best known stores are Converse, Tommy Hilfinger, Timberland, in addition to Penha, which is a local store that sells perfumes, makeup and cosmetics. There are also electronics stores, such as Boolchand’s and some products are much cheaper than in our country, just search. For those looking for crafts, a good alternative is to go to the Old Market, which in addition to some products, serves local food.

In Otrobanda, the best place to shop is the Renaissance Mall, with great stores like Mango, Guess and the aforementioned Penha store. Right next to the mall is the Rif Fort, which is good for buying travel souvenirs, as well as the stalls outside the fort that sell handicrafts and souvenirs.

Another alternative for shopping is the Shopping Bloempot, which has several shops and restaurants.


Punda is the oldest side of the capital of Curaçao, where the wealthiest people lived. Nowadays the place has a lot of cool shops and restaurants, as well as an area called Pitermaai, which is cute. It is worthwhile to walk around the city to know some of its tourist spots, such as Floating Market, Waterfort Arches, among others.

The streets of Punda are also great for those who want to shop. Penha, for example, is one of the favorite stores among girls, because there is makeup, perfumes and cosmetics. Other international brands are among the shops in the center, especially the clothing brands.

Rif Fort

Fort Rif, in Portuguese, was built in 1828 to protect Anna Bay from foreign invasions. Nowadays the place has been reformulated and is one of the points of the city, with several restaurants, bars and even some small shops. It is worth visiting the fort not only during the day, but at night. Try to know one of the restaurants that are in front of the sea, feeling the refreshing wind.


Otrobanda is an area of ​​Willemstad that took almost a century more to develop in relation to Punda. This was the poorest part of the city, where the slaves lived. Nowadays the place has a lot of shops, good restaurants and shops, as well as a great view of Punda.

Otrobanda’s street stores are pretty weak; so if you want to go shopping, go to Renaissance Mall, the best mall in town.

Renaissance Mall

With an informal and wooded environment, this mall is one of the best options for Shopping in Curaçao. The place has stores like Starbucks, Mango, Penha and Guess. Prices, with minor exceptions, are better than those in Brazil and although the number of stores is not so great, it is a good choice for those who want to do some shopping. At certain times of the year, such as holidays, stores usually promote very advantageous discounts!

Shopping in Curaçao

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