Shopping in Cartagena, Colombia

Shopping in Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena is not such an incredible destination for shopping. The city does have nice stores, but that should not be the focus of a trip to the region. What else is there to sell there: travel souvenirs, handicrafts, jewelry (mainly emeralds) and handbags produced by indigenous people. Ah, it is worth buying some Colombian coffee, which is considered one of the best in the world!

Famous brand stores are located in the Amuralhada City Center and on Av. San Martín, known as Carretera 2, in the Bocagrande neighborhood. In these same places you will also see many shops with varied themes, including those that sell handicrafts, paintings and jewelry.

A well-known place for shopping is Las Bóvedas, which has an old construction and today houses several shops. However, we do not recommend shopping there, as the place is very touristy and its prices are above average. Give preference to the walls of the walled city because in them you can find a little bit of everything at fair prices.

An important tip is to try to negotiate the price of the products, especially in those places where you realize that there is a loophole for this. It is possible to achieve good acquisitions by releasing your muquirana side!

Av. San Martín

Av. San Martín, also called Carretera 2, is one of the main routes in Cartagena. It is located in Bocagrande, in the new area of ​​the city, and there you will find restaurants and famous shops. For those who want to shop and purchase products from renowned brands, it is one of the best alternatives in the city.

Las Bóvedas

Las Bóvedas is one of the points in Cartagena where tourists can do some shopping. There you will find some shops selling souvenirs, local handicrafts, paintings, bags, among other items.

It is an interesting place, but do not bet on good prices, because, as it is very touristy, sellers tend to exaggerate a little in the prices of products.

Cartagena City Center

The Cartagena Center is an area of ​​great tourist appeal. There you will find beautiful streets with colonial buildings, shops of all kinds and several restaurants. The region also concentrates several tourist attractions, museums and churches – that is: it is probably a place where you will pass a few times during your trip.

Be sure to walk around the Center calmly and notice every detail of Cartagena’s heart.

Mall Plaza El Castillo

Mall Plaza El Castillo is a mall that brings together several local stores, famous brands in Colombia and some stores from other countries. There you will find brand establishments like Puma, Adidas, La Riviera, Falabella, among others.

Shopping in Cartagena, Colombia

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