Shopping in Cancún, Mexico

Shopping in Cancún, Mexico

One of the advantages of visiting Cancún is being able to enjoy beautiful beaches and, at the same time, being able to find good deals. The prices of the products are usually in dollars, but can be in Mexican pesos and practically all stores accept credit cards. Along the Hotel Zone you will find several shopping centers, for the most varied tastes.

In general, everything is at least a little cheaper than in Brazil, but it is important to convert to see if the purchase is really advantageous. You’ll find stores from famous brands like Nike, Puma, Adidas, Apple, Ultrafemme, Zara, and so on. The sale of clothing and perfumes is very strong, in addition to the countless souvenir and handicraft shops in Mexico.

Leaving the city without a souvenir is practically impossible. There are countless articles related to Mexican culture: pepper, tequila, umbrellas, musical instruments and painted china. To make this type of purchase and find good prices, go to Mercado 28, in downtown Cancún. For those who prefer to shop more refined, Luxury Avenue is guaranteed satisfaction – the supreme sum of fashion and beauty is in this space.

To find a little bit of everything in the same place, La Isla is the great option. In this open air mall you will find several restaurants, clothing and perfume stores, as well as various local establishments. If during the day the fun is the sea, at night it is in this mall that many Brazilians like to walk.

1USD = 13 MXP, in July 2012.

Market 28

Mercado 28 is the best place in the Cancún region to buy handicrafts and souvenirs for friends. It is in the center and has a lot of variety in the shops, where you can find all kinds of products: shirts, painted crockery, peppers, necklaces, magnets, glasses and much more. Although the sellers’ harassment is very boring, the advantage of going to the market is being able to bargain and find a lot of variety at a good price.

In addition to the shops, in the center of the market there is a food court with several popular restaurants. If you’re hungry, it might be a good idea to stop by.

It is possible to go to Mercado 28 with the bus that leaves the Hotel Zone. Just remember to ask the driver to let you know when you get off.

An important tip is to be aware of the fact that, before reaching the actual market, there are several small stores that also use the name “Mercado 28” to attract tourists. Keep walking and you’ll notice when you’re in the right place, as Mercado 28 is huge, there’s no mistaking it.

Forum by the Sea

Plaza Forum by The Sea has several shops, but that is not what makes it famous. It is not a popular option for shopping, but for nightlife. The stores in the mall are small; so if your business is shopping, go to other places, like La Isla or Kukulcán Plaza.

Now, if you’re looking for fun, this is the perfect place. The surroundings of Plaza Forum concentrate the best options of the night in Cancún. Nightclubs, concert halls and good bars are all around the place – just stop by at night to understand why young people love the city so much.

Kukulcan Plaza

It is the most modern mall in Cancún. It looks like Brazilian malls, it is new, beautiful and well decorated. Its stores are varied, but there are, especially, clothing and perfume stores.

The part of this mall that most interests tourists is Luxury Avenue, a different gallery and, as the name says, “luxurious”. It is where the most famous (and expensive) brands of today are. In addition to clothes, watches, jewelry and bags, you will find perfumes and makeup. You can’t miss it!

La Isla

La Isla is the best mall in the Hotel Zone. He’s lively, pleasant and has a lot of variety. The stores are open-air, are very pleasant and have a little bit of everything, from clothes to decoration shop. You’ll see stores like Zara, Nike, Bull & Bear, Puma, Kielh’s, iStore, Diesel, Swarovski etc.

The advantage is that the options remain even when eating and having fun. Planet Hollywood, Mc Donald’s, Starbucks, Häagen Dazs and Cinemark are present at the mall, that is, in addition to being a good place for shopping, you can have fun too. Passing by La Isla is mandatory during the trip.

Plaza Caracol

Plaza Caracol is a mall with varied stores in Cancún, but it is a bit run down. There are not so many stores, many are closed, but it remains one of the options for those who want to shop.

Most stores are dedicated to souvenir and handicraft items, but you will find clothing stores and local vendors, as well as a few (few) places to eat.

Plaza Caracol is weak for shopping; give preference to other places.

Plaza Flamingo

Plaza Flamingo is an area with some craft shops and restaurants. The mall is quite down, so there are no major attractions in the place, nor is it worth visiting if you’re looking for some shopping.

To see crafts and souvenirs, it is better to go to Mercado 28.

Plaza Las Americas

Plaza Las Americas is a mall located in downtown Cancún, but not far from the Hotel Zone. It is more like Brazilian malls and is giant. The variety of stores is incredible and, while the Hotel Zone has stores that are more geared to tourists, Las Americas is a mall geared to Mexicans.

In addition to the large international chains, the place has smaller stores, owned by local owners. It’s a great mall for shopping and seeing what Mexicans are really like. Some stores: Liverpool, Zara, Sears, Ultrafemme, Adidas, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger.

You can go by bus from the Hotel Zone, by taxi or car.

Shopping in Cancún, Mexico

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