Shopping in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Shopping in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is a perfect place for shopping! The city inhabits the imagination of many people due to attractive prices in relation to the Brazilian market, but the current truth is that, due to the crisis in the country, prices have risen. Yes, BsAs was already more attractive for shopping than it is today, but it remains a good destination to empty the piggy banks because it has very varied products. Visit for map of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Shopping in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The lower taxation of products greatly favors that purchases in the capital are advantageous. Allied to this, the wide range of stores and outlets makes the streets of BsAs look like large open-air malls. How to resist leather pieces with attractive prices or delicious alfajores that are not sold in Brazil?

The Florida Street, one of the most famous streets in the city, has a lot of movement of people and shops for all tastes. The street was already better, it is true, but it still gathers several good stores for shopping. It is on Calle Florida that Galerias Pacífico is located, a mall with luxury brands from Argentina and the world. Check for abbreviations and acronyms related to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

For those who are not on a large budget or like products outside the traditional, the best option is to go to the Feira de San Telmo on Sundays, a fair that gathers all kinds of products, including antiques, and is in a neighborhood full of charming little shops with funky objects. The fair is a must and one of the great attractions of Buenos Aires. It’s great for finding a souvenir of the city, antique objects, decorative items and works of art!

Palermo’s streets are ideal for shopping outdoors and finding everything from more established brands to local brand stores. The place is very pleasant because between one street and another you can sit in a cafeteria to have a coffee and enjoy the movement of the street. Still in Palermo, the perfect region for shopping, you can’t miss visiting the surroundings of Plaza Serrano, which houses the Urban Fair, a great option for those looking for cost-effective clothing. If you prefer to shop indoors, visit the Alto Palermo mall.

Another suggestion for those who prioritize economy is to go to Villa Crespo, where there are outlets of well-known brands such as Levi’s and Converse, which sell products at prices lower than those of conventional stores.

Those who are willing to spend can find good products in the stylish stores of Patio Bullrich, in Recoleta, and for home and decoration objects the tip is to go to Buenos Aires Design.

Tip: anyone interested in buying hygiene, beauty or cosmetic products should go to FarmaCity, a chain of pharmacies that sells a little of everything and gathers products that sometimes have cheaper prices than in Brazil.

San Telmo Fair

Anyone who enjoys shopping must have heard of the San Telmo Fair, the most famous fair in the city and a perfect place for those who do not return home without a new purchase wherever they go. The fair takes place every Sunday in the San Telmo neighborhood, and in addition to the main square where several stalls are located, the fair extends along Rua Defensa, which is packed with vendors and visitors.
On other days when there is no fair, the street continues to be a good option for shopping as it has many cool shops, with decorative products, works of art, clothes and shoes.

Going to the San Telmo fair on Sunday is sure to find a huge variety of antique objects for decoration and personal use, as well as many souvenirs to give to friends and family. There are real bargains in this area of ​​Buenos Aires, just research and negotiate with the sellers.

Plaza Serrano

Plaza Serrano, a square in Palermo, is one of those places that you can go both during the day and at night and you will be successful in your choice. In the vicinity of the square there are many shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. The place is ideal to enjoy the night of Buenos Aires, go to various bars and enjoy the cool atmosphere of this region. During the day, the neighborhood and the square remain a great option, especially for shopping or taking a walking tour and stopping at a coffee shop for a drink.

For those who want to buy clothes, decorative items and even antiques, this region of Palermo is excellent and is usually lively on weekends. There are many famous stores and other more alternative brands. On Sundays there is a great fair in the vicinity of the square that is suitable for finding bargains or clothes produced by new fashion talents – it is very worth knowing!

Pacific Galleries

When talking about Shopping in Buenos Aires, one of the first places that comes to mind is Galerias Pacífico. The building of the shopping center is from the end of the 19th century and its central dome was painted in 1946. The mall is so beautiful and well decorated that we recommend the visit not only to those who want to shop but also to those looking for just a place to kick their legs and wants to see beautiful things. The architectural charm of the Galleries is unique, full of murals, columns and a beautiful ceiling. The architecture of the mall is so impressive that the building is considered a national historic monument.

In this mall there are several stores of national and international brands. Prices are a bit steep, but it is worth checking if the stores have any promotions.

Check out some of the stores that are there: Adidas, Brooksfield, Carmen Steffens, Chanel, Clinique, Freddo, Havanna, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Lâncome, Levis, L’Occitane, Mac Pro (the only one in Latin America), Nike Shop, Swarovski, Timberland and Tommy Hilfiger.


Farmacity is a chain of pharmacies in Argentina and because it sells a wide variety of products, it is a good option for shopping, especially hygiene products and personal use. In Buenos Aires, this chain is everywhere, always with many options for makeup, cosmetics and other beauty products of its own brand or of foreign brands. Farmacity goes far beyond the usual sale of medicines and in some of its stores it is almost a grocery store, due to its wide variety of products.

Alto Palermo Shopping

This mall located in Palermo is another good option in Buenos Aires for those who like to shop. Both the mall, its neighborhood and Av. Santa Fé, where the shopping center is located, are good places to return from trips with new acquisitions. This region is full of shops, be it local brands or more famous brands, and it is worth taking a walk around the area to get an idea of ​​the products on sale and possible promotions.

In the mall there are stores that sell brands like Adidas, Puma, Quicksilver, Samsonite, The North Face, Levi’s etc. For more information, see the Alto Palermo website.

Florida Street (Calle Florida)

Whoever thinks of shopping when visiting Buenos Aires, can include in the itinerary a walk along Calle (street) Florida. The street is one of the busiest in Buenos Aires and anyone looking to find clothing, footwear, luggage or banking and telephone services has a good option. The street is popular and has shops of all kinds, especially clothes and shoes. There are some stores of international brands and many others of Argentine brands. It is also very common to see people on the streets offering to exchange currencies, but we do not recommend changing your money in the middle of the street, without reference and without knowing if the notes are really genuine.

It is on this street that Galerias Pacífico is located, which, in contrast to the simple characteristics of the street, exhibit a refined atmosphere, full of shops of famous brands. On the same street is the Livraria Ateneo, traditional in BsAs and full of charm!

Tip: It is important to be careful with your belongings when walking on busy streets like Florida. If you are untouched, it will be easier for a crash to steal something inside your bag without being noticed. Try to walk with your bag always in your field of vision.

Av. Santa Fe

Santa Fé (Santa Fe) is a great avenue of BsAs, super known and busy. It is one of the great options for shopping when you are in town; after all, there are countless options for stores. There you will find a lot of variety and offers, especially during the collection change periods. Walking down the avenue you will see clothing, footwear, accessories, banks, pharmacies, restaurants… in short, a little bit of everything.

Patio Bullrich

Patio Bullrich is a super mall in Buenos Aires, known for its refined atmosphere and designer stores. It is not a cool place for those who want to buy and think about saving money, after all, their stores are reputed to be expensive. Even if shopping is not your intention, it is worth paying a visit to the mall, as its architecture and golden decoration attract a lot of attention. If you don’t want to buy, the mall has several restaurants and cafeterias to make a snack and a counter to help the tourist super efficient in giving tips. It is a nice place to spend time, see shop windows, drink and coffee and, if your pocket allows, do some shopping.

Some stores in the mall: Christian Lacroix, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Osklen, Zara, Diesel, Carolina Herrera and Tiffany & Co.

Villa Crespo

For those who want to shop in Buenos Aires, Villa Crespo is a great option. The neighborhood has clothing stores and outlets (stores that sell products at cheaper prices than conventional ones) so you can find items for very attractive prices. In the region you will find stores of national and international brands, such as Levi’s, Converse, Puma, Adidas, Columbia etc.

The tip is to go to the region of Av. Gurruchaga, Av. Córdoba and Aguirre, which concentrates a good part of the stores there.

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