Shopping in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Shopping in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is not known for being one of Europe’s famous shopping centers, but it can surprise many people for the variety of options that match the most diverse types of taste (and pockets).

In the city, you will find a multitude of neighborhoods full of shops selling shoes, clothes, books, cosmetics, souvenirs and a good example of this is the Jordaan. Open-air fairs such as the famous Albert Cuyp Market, which also sell a bit of everything, are also attractions in their own right and are worth visiting.

Those who like a certain luxury will also not be disappointed, because in the capital of Holland there are the main world brands and, better, most of them concentrated in a single street. Shopping centers are not the strong point of local commerce, but in return, you will find some department stores with a huge variety of products. Check for abbreviations and acronyms related to Amsterdam, Netherlands.

In the months of July and January, most of the stores in the city promote a large inventory burn and the discounts are excellent attractions. During this period, the streets tend to be quite crowded, especially during the summer.

From Monday to Wednesday and Saturdays, stores open around 9am and close around 6pm. On Thursdays, it is possible to enjoy a little more, as the establishments are open until 9pm. On Sundays, stores usually open later, from noon, and close at 5 pm.

Albert Cuyp Markt

Amsterdam’s largest and most traditional open-air fair is also a busy leisure area. Not only are fresh vegetables and fruits and seafood sold on site, but also the most diverse types of objects, such as clothes, shoes, cosmetics, bicycle and souvenir items, all at very interesting prices. See for more information about Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Like every good fair, Albert Cuyp also has a section of ready-made foods and traditional snacks, such as cheeses, kip saté (chicken skewer with peanut sauce) and stroopwafel (typical Dutch biscuit stuffed with caramel). Located in the central region of Amsterdam, exactly in the vibrant De Pijp district, the fair is also surrounded by bars and cafes inviting to a stretched after the visit. Albert Cuyp is open from Monday to Saturday, from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm – stay tuned, as the place may close earlier in the winter or if the weather conditions of the day are not very favorable.

Albert Cuypstraat, Amsterdam – CEP: 1073
Telephone: +31 20 201 8800
Hours: Mon – Wed, Sun: 15: 45–22: ​​30 \ nQui – Sat: 15: 45– Midnight \ n


Bars, restaurants, coffee shops (where soft drugs are sold), nightclubs and shops are concentrated in this, which is one of the most famous squares in Amsterdam. Extremely well located, several lines of the electric cable car (2, 1, 5) give access to it, Leidseplein never seems to sleep. The square is also the stage for the presentation of various street artists and in the summer it is even more crowded with tourists, due to the large concentration of bar tables throughout the central area.

The route from the square to the Central Train Station, through Leidsestraat and Koningsplein streets (be careful with the traffic of electric trams on site), is full of shops selling shoes, clothes and articles in general. The perfumery / pharmacy DA, for example, is one of those establishments. The Dutch store chain sells cosmetics and perfumes at very interesting prices, even outside the sale period.

Leidseplein, Amsterdam – CEP: 1017

9 Straatjes

Those looking for antique and music stores, varied boutiques (like thrift stores), cozy cafés and more, will certainly enjoy the region of the nine streets. They are located in the charming and traditional neighborhood of Joordan, exactly between Raadhuisstraat and Leidsestraat, just a few minutes walk from the Royal Palace, on Dam Square.

With a vibrant atmosphere, the place is ideal not only for shopping, but also for those who admire the architecture of Amsterdam and, of course, do not want to miss a delicious walk.

MD’s tip: if you’re passionate about chocolates, be sure to check out the Urban Cacao store (photos). In addition to chocolate, the brand produces macarons, pies, among other temptations. Check out the photos!

tussen Prinsengracht en Singel, Amsterdam

Albert Heijn

The most famous supermarket chain in the Netherlands is a place where you will find ready-made dishes – such as sandwiches, sushi and salads – at much more affordable prices than in restaurants, in addition to drinks, chocolates, cheeses and the famous stroopwafel cookies, also a more affordable than in souvenir shops.

Look for the AH sign (there are stores scattered throughout the city), but beware, none of the chain’s stores accept Visa and Mastercard cards, so it’s always good to have some cash at the time of purchase!

Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 226, Amsterdam – CEP: 1012 RR
Telephone: +31 20 421 8344
Hours: Mon – Sun: 8: 00–22: 00 \ n


Leaving the center of Amsterdam a little bit towards the east, you will find another market that is worth visiting too. And not only for the opportunity to buy souvenirs, clothes, fruits, among many other things, but also for the corner stall (facing “Mauritskade” street) that sells one of the most delicious kebabs in the city.

Our favorite snack there is the complete Turkish pizza, thinly baked, freshly baked, with meat filling, freshly grilled vegetables and sauces. And the coolest thing is to buy this delight and walk around the fair, visiting the stalls and enjoying the atmosphere of the place.

Dapperstraat, Amsterdam – CEP: 1093 HB
Telephone: +31 20 694 7495
Hours: Mon – Sat: 10: 00–16: 30 \ n

De Bijenkorf

Like Harrods in London and KaDeWe in Berlin, Amsterdam also has a chain of successful department stores. Located in a huge building on the corner of Dam Square, Bijenkorf is, in fact, a large mall where not only men’s, women’s and children’s clothing (mostly from famous brands) are sold, but also cosmetics, home goods (the section is wonderful), books, among other options.

Tip from the MD: on the top floor of the store you will find the Bijenkorf Kitchen, a cozy cafe / restaurant full of delights, self-service style.

Dam 1 3F, Amsterdam – CEP: 1012 JS
Phone: +31 6 50275086
Website: http: // https: //
Time: Mon – Sat: 10: 00–20: 00 \ nSunday: 11: 00–20: 00 \ n


In the heart of Amsterdam, the bustling Kalverstraat is always full of people coming and going. There the visitor finds shopping options for the most diverse tastes; big department stores like Zara, Mango, Urban Outfitters, a mini-mall (Kalvertoren), cafes and restaurants, fast food chains like McDonald’s, museums and even a church.

Yes, right on the shopping street, exactly at number 58, you will find the discreet De Papegaai (O Papagaio, in the literal translation). Built in 1700, probably in the garden of a poultry vendor’s house, the place is worth visiting. One of the most striking things is the contrast between the deep silence inside the church and the noise and movement outside.

Max Euweplein

Max Euwe is a busy square that faces the main entrance to the Vondelpark and is also just a short walk from the famous Leidseplein. There are some really cool bars / restaurants and some more expensive souvenir shops. Not to mention giant chess, a free game that attracts people of all ages.

In summer and on milder days, the center of the square is full of tables, making the place an excellent option for a lunch or a few drinks. Ah, there are restaurants / bars like Hard Rock Café Amsterdam and Wagamama, with oriental food.

Max Euweplein, Amsterdam – CEP: 1017 MA

PC Hooftstraat

Next to the Vondelpark, the PC Hooftstraat is the address of luxury in Amsterdam. On the street considered a mini 5th avenue you will find great world brands, such as Prada, Armani, Diesel, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, among others. There are clothes, bags and shoes, jewelery and cosmetics stores located next to each other and which tend to have much higher prices than the rest of the city’s shopping areas.

PC Hooftstraat, Amsterdam – CEP: 1052

Dam Square

One of the most famous squares in Amsterdam, the Dam is also one of the busiest places in the city. Extremely well located, about 1.3 km from the central train station, it is there that you will find the National Memorial to the Dead, a monument that honors the victims of World War II. Every May 4th, a ceremony is held on site, attended by Queen Beatriz, from the Netherlands. In addition to the monument, the Dam also houses the Royal Palace, a spectacular building erected in 1648 and the residence of the Dutch royal family in Amsterdam (the monarchy lives in The Hague).

As it could not be otherwise, the busy square is also full of bars, restaurants, nightclubs and shops with options for the most diverse tastes. In addition to the famous and luxurious Bijenkorf, a Dutch department store, on the Dam you will find some of the best places to buy souvenirs in the capital.

Behind the Royal Palace is also the Magna Plaza, a beautiful 19th century building and one of the few shopping malls in the city. The prices on site are a little higher than normal, but it is worth getting in to see the beautiful architecture up close.

Shopping in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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