Samsung Confirms The Existence of Bixby, The Wizard of The S8 Galaxy, and The App Samsung Mini Pay

A long voice assistants have become a regular feature on mobile devices. iOS has to Siri, Android Google Now (now Google Assistant) and Windows has Cortana, but in addition to the platforms, there are manufacturers who also want their own solution as it is the case of Samsung and the rumored Bixby Wizard that came with the Galaxy S8.

Although we already knew that Samsung was working on a virtual assistant – in fact, already gave some details – so far not had confirmed directly its name, but thanks to the new beta of Samsung Pay we already know that in effect, the wizard of the S8 called Bixby and in addition will be integrated with the system of payments of the brand.

Samsung has launched a new version beta for the payment system Samsung Pay that hides any other surprise. At the bottom is a pop-up in which you can choose various options and, in addition to Shopping, you can also select Bixby, in a clear reference to the wizard which been talk for weeks.

In addition to a confirmation of its existence, the mention of Bixby in the beta of Samsung Pay means that the wizard’s voice will be integrated with the payment brand system, so it will be possible to interact with the app with voice only, although currently there are no details on how it will work.

Within the same drop-down also appears the Mini option, which confirms the existence of another service that we had talked about earlier: the payments Samsung Pay Mini platform.

We already knew that the South Korean brand was working in a independent payment service that would be compatible with more devices, even if these were not Samsung, to carry its mobile payment system to more users.

According to the rumors, Samsung Pay Mini will be available in Google Play along this month and, although the initial idea was to take him also to iOS, it seems that Apple did not give its approval.

If the predictions do not fail, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be announced officially on April 18, date in which we would also know to Bixby. However, there are rumors that Samsung could teach his next ship logo on the Mobile World Congress at the end of February, so it could come earlier than expected.