Sailor Jack, the Retro Brand of Male Cosmetics

The practice of growing beards and mustaches has existed since the dawn of mankind, but only recently the world cosmetics market began to give due attention to the male audience and their respective sections. And it was exactly this lack of products available in Brazil that led this bearded family to create the brand name Sailor Jack.

The brothers Octavio and Vinícius Frezza Birth convinced father, Roberto Nascimento, and the mother, both businessmen from Frezza Elides branch of feminine beauty in Jundiaí (SP), along with her sister, Helen Frezza Birth, pharmaceutical specialist in cosmetology, to create a new brand that met to complete the men’s market, offering a unique catalog of products for skin, beard, hair and mustache , something unheard of in the country.

So, they developed their own formulas and began the tests for about 1 year. Since the three men of the family for ages grow their beards, and the two women are experts in art, the result couldn’t have been more right. With a few months of operation, the company already serves several Barber shops and customers to outside Brazil, and growth expectations are high.

In the product catalog available online (here), it is possible to find complete lines of oils, waxes, polishes, shampoos, conditioners, pós-barbas, creams, exfoliants and moisturizers fasteners. Each of these products with its own characteristics to meet the individual needs, Demystifying that idea that cosmetics for man can be anyone who is in the bathroom of the House.

“Our idea with the brand is really make the man understand that he does not cease to be a man for wanting to take care of yourself. And something is fact: Having the option of products made exclusively for them, of course, facilitates this acceptance. Nobody needs to go around buying female scrub or seek imported goods expensive to stop suffering with ingrown hairs, for example. The Sailor Jack’s and is super accessible. “believes Roberto Nascimento.

According to Roberto, in addition to the diversity in the catalog, betting on sophisticated fragrances products and raw materials of high quality, prices are very competitive and available for barbers and the final consumer. “You can buy them in our online store and through our representatives all over Brazil”, explains the entrepreneur.

The brand name is a pun on the iconic American tattoo artist Sailor Jerry (1911-1973) and all your learned that work carries to this day. Despite being a brand with a few months of market, Sailor Jack brings, in essence, your cosmetology experience required to produce high-quality products, combined with great passion for beard, hair and mustache.

The brand comes to confirm the change of behavior of men in relation to the care of the skin and hair. According to Euromonitor, it is likely that the male beauty market keep a growth rate of 7.1% per year until 2019. This phenomenon takes place also by the growth of barbershops in vintage American style, which attract men who don’t want to attend unisex salons to have more feminine features.


Shaving wax:Wax Bead

The Beard Wax is ideal for men with beards, rough and dry with that natural tendency by the rebels. Developed with butter, vegetable oils and natural waxes, this product will leave your beard extremely moisturized and soft, leaving those rebels in place.

Oils for beard:Beard Oil

Even those who have oily skin may have a dry, brittle and Shaggy beard. The higher the beard, more dry it can be. Made with the best selection of oils and natural raw materials, Oil of Sailor Jack Beard contains linseed oil, jojoba, grape seed and sunflower. All this ensures that your beard stay hydrated and healthy-looking. Easy to comb, soft touch and feeling of cleansing with fragrances that combine with you. Possesses a blend light, don’t weigh in his beard, nor leaves greasy feeling.

Mary Read:line inspired by the famous Pirate Mary Read. Violent and masculine, became a true Legend of the maritime world. Fragrance with black pepper, has ãmbar body with notes of patchouli.

Montenor: line inspired by the Northern Lighthouse of Portugal, which guides ships since 1910. Has a sensational soft fragrance with vanilla, cedar and marine notes.

Ouragan Medan:line inspired by the mysterious Ghost ship sailing with Dutch flag. Inspired by the whiskey, has Woody notes of bergamot, oak and malt.

Original Spirit:the Original spirit that drives all that throw themselves towards new seas, seeking new experiences and incredible sensations. This line has fresh sport fragrance muget, oakmoss and sandalwood.

Aftershave Cream:Cold Cream

After the shaving process, your skin with open pores, subject to attack by bacteria. The Cold Cream will help close your pores, preventing bacterial infections and thus avoids protrusions, irritation and the formation of pimples. In addition to moisturize the skin and help in your healing.

Aftershave:Bay Rum

If you’re the type Chuck Noris and enjoys a stronger footprint, this is the perfect aftershave. Has alcohol, which ensures that feeling wonderful, burning has bactericidal action and pro-vitamin B5 content too, which, in addition to moisturizing, has healing and is an excellent regeneration of DermIS. After all, it has amazing essence of rum.

Shampoo for grey hair:Silver is Gray

Silver Shampoo for Gray will help care for and prevent your hair stay yellow and dry. Now you, a handsome Crown, won’t appear older than it actually has.

Shampoo for oily hair:Freshness and strength

Nothing like leaving the bathroom with that freshness of sensation. The Freshness and strength Shampoo, in addition to the freshness of mint, has a high cleaning power, preventing the hair get oily throughout the day. Has plant extracts that promote the growth of new hair and prevent the fall.

: Moisturizing Conditioner

Designed for thick hair and dry, they need more specific products. Now your mane will stay in place and above all, with soft touch and healthier growth.

Cream for hair:Hair Pomade

This is an ointment base for men who enjoy the old sets of vintage cars and armed hair. Their consistency provides a easy hairstyle, with a maximum of control. The Hair Pomade Sailor Jack dry with stiffness, medium gloss and easy out in the shower. To reactivate her during the day just wet your hair and brush again.

Curling iron mustache:Mustache Paste

The Mustache Paste is a curling iron whiskers. With it, your moustache will be much more imposing, without leaving any wire to escape. Different waxes that are difficult to apply, the ointment the water base of the Sailor Jack is super easy to use. Just pass the ointment in. Has smooth texture, easy out in the water, fragrance-free and without any taste. Imposing mustache now was easy.

Facial scrub:Scrub’s Face

By jam is a disgrace in the lives of men. So, every man should have an exfoliant in the medicine cabinet. No crisis of rough and tumble. Use the Scrub’s Face makes a difference to have the skin of the face clean, smooth and, when used before shaving, prevents this terror the jammed often become Folliculitis, those inflamed balls that hurt too much. The Scrub’s Face makes a mechanical exfoliation with seeds of vegetables and Green Clay, break stimulates circulation, reducing oiliness and assisting in more uniform growth of hair.


This item is more than required. It softens the skin and makes it more flexible to shave. Avoid cuts and leaves the shaving more comfortable. After you exfoliate your skin, try rubbing with the MoistCream and then apply the hot towel.

High-precision shaving gel:Shave Hel

Yes, we know the difficulty of drawing a beard with white cream that indeed Santa Claus, taking everything in your way. Well, along comes the shaving gel:translucent and water based. The blade will slide smoothly over the skin without causing irritation. And the best, helps you see where you’re going through the blade.