Rumor: BlackBerry Studies Deal with The Hollow of Nokia Bochum

As we already mentioned a few months ago, Nokia He took the decision to close its plant in Bochum in Germany, to move to Romania.

As a result of this , Nokia He had great opposition from trade unions, who are very strong in the country, causing negative situations, both from the point of view of advertising for the brand, from the political point of view, claiming the return of 41 million that were granted subsidy. Some important leaders have even asked that more terminals of the Finnish mark will not buy.

But not everything was going to be negative news regarding this, and it is now when it is rumored that Canadians Research in Motion (RIM), makers of the BlackBerry, successful, studies to build a Center for research and development in Bochum, and although the company has not confirmed anything, a spokesperson of the same notes that Bochum is an “interesting option” to build the Center.

The information comes from the magazine focus, in which rumors gain to read statements by Ulrike Kleinebrahm, Member of the Supervisory Board and delegate of the metallurgical trade union IG-Metall: “RIM is in Bochum and discussions are ongoing, the company is talking with engineers, but not with workers”.

It is estimated that if the operation would create 300 jobs, nothing to do with the factory that it had mounted Nokia with more than 2,300 permanent workers (employs temporary 1,000 others).

In conclusion, I’d like to comment on the power that big companies have to do and undo at will, even in a country like Germany where unions are as strong as the Government, I suppose that the German population will be pay in some way this movement to the Finnish company.