Only Chrome Can Use The Synchronization of Chrome: Google Closes Access to The Rest of Browsers

Google Chrome is a browser that raises passions: love it or hate it. The latter, critics, frequently are forced to tolerate it for access to the benefits of have synchronized perfectly bookmarks, tabs and passwords with the desktop version of Google Chrome.

However, until now, there was a third option: third-party browsers, Chromium-based, that added additional features such as optimization to Snapdragon or blocker of publicity that kept Google synchronization via the Sync API. Google has now blocked access to any browser that is not Google Chrome, arguing reasons of security.

The access that was never officially supported

It all started with a report in the tracker for Chromium errors, in which a user reported that timing had stopped working in your build of Chrome. After several reviews investigating the matter, is clear that the error is related to the recent change of Google’s API access tokens, which now only work on first-party applications, is to say, Google chrome.

The conversation then derived mode of access to third-party applications. Several people commented that a solution would be to create a whitelist of applications that would continue to have access, to be root for this comment cut (translated from English, the original is in the picture that illustrates this post):

An update for everyone:

We have blocked access to tokens chromesync to address a security issue. When we did, we knew that some browsers third parties that use these chromesync tokens to provide their users with Chrome timing would break.

Chrome Sync has never been supported for use in third-party browsers. Not we plan to create any solution enabling these third-party browsers to have a whitelist so that they can be identified in chromesync. It should be remembered that Chromium for Android is technically also a third-party browser.

Marked as it will not fix.

In summary, if you are using one of these browsers, such as CAF Chromium Browser or any other that use Chrome synchronization, it will cease to operate and at the moment It is not planned that never again. If you want to use the Chrome synchronization, you need to use Chrome, the truth, and not any of its derivatives.