Only 3% of People Recycle Their Mobile as Nokia

Nokia He has interviewed 6,500 people from 13 different countries – Finland, Germany, Italy, Russia, Sweden, England, United Arab Emirates, United States, Nigeria, India, China, Indonesia and Brazil – to check the habits of users of mobile recycling.

The conclusions of the study are curious but if they meditate calmly, quite fit with any gadget user behavior.

Apparently only 3% of respondents had recycled their old mobile, even though, on average, each user had owned 5 different terminals. Anyway only 4% just in the trash, but the oddest thing is that 44% of users keeps your mobile while you not going to use anymore. In addition, 25% gift it to a friend or family member and 16% resell it.

What has surprised me is that 44% that keeps the phone in a drawer with that purpose? also do they keep computers? TVs? I guess that does not keep them because they take up too much space, but why do people keep mobile old?

Finally, two-thirds of those surveyed did not know they could recycle the mobile, so it is possible to observe it for the simple reason that does not know what to do with him and they dare not pull it by the sensitive data it contains. I guess that with time we will be able to recover more material of mobiles and higher rates of recycling.

You keep the old mobile? Why do you do it?