One More Thing… The Calm before of The Keynote, Applications to Discover and to Listen Podcasts

Saturday, 3 more days to the Apple keynote and for some this is just the calm before the storm. On Tuesday, September 9, the company will present its new iPhone and by rumors some surprises more that will not leave indifferent anybody. Is for this reason that our One more thing today is going to be highly conditioned by the event that we have around the corner.

  • We start with an article which should serve to appease spirits, euphoria, the hype that we ourselves self. Keep calm and watch the keynote!. A good call to calm that makes Rodri, a reader and comentarías regular at Applesfera that now begins to participate with their articles in PacMac.
  • And if we talk about the iWatch, Fernando Alvarez del Vayo speculates on what you would like to go the iWatch on iPhoneOSX.
  • In iOSMac they talk about TechTool 7, possibly to the only tool maintenance and recovery that I would allow him to touch my Mac. Very efficient in the diagnosis of hardware problems, the novelties of the new version are very clear in that article.
  • In See Apple they pick up the latest announcement from Microsoft that make fun of Siri. Unfortunate fall into that kind of advertising, and it gives me same who “ attack ” who. As we have already said on other occasions, when you compare yourself so much with other it’s because you’ve already assumed the role of secondary.
  • There are always small applications that end up being highly valued for some or other reason. Does failure to fulfil a multitude of purposes, only do one and is well enough. In Apple101 show us a list of these small large apps.
  • Another way to pass the time until the arrival of the next keynote is to see the parodies that during all this time have been on Apple products. In Esferaiphone they gather some of them.
  • Finally, do you want to hear a? Podcast on what could bring the next keynote? As she was needed, Alex Vega and Eduo is a very good option. With a special guest is a good way to go warming.

There is little to see and know what Apple us has been reserving for later this year. It’s time to make bets or simply prepared with our Bingo and spend a good afternoon the next Mars in Applesfera, where we will cover the event and the information arising from hence.