New Renderings Support The Theory of a Galaxy S8 No Start Button

There are still three months and few days so the S8 Galaxy is finally presented, rumours have been launched at close range about this terminal, especially on the situation of the fingerprint sensor if, as many take confirmed, disappears the physical ‘Home’ button that so many years it has accompanied Samsung handsets.

Fashion that is beginning to settle almost absent manufacture mobile bevel could also reach the most traditional manufacturers this year, and that’s what some renderings of the future flagship of Samsung, coming from a manufacturer of bags that you prefer to remain anonymous, they seem to show.

In these renderings they can see, as we said, that it would bring some really tight top and bottom frames, While the sides, due to its ‘edge’ screen, would be absent. The curvature of these edges would be much more pronounced, contrary to what was happening in the Galaxy S7 Edge, which was smoother than in its predecessor.

Be faithful rendering the true design of the terminal, we would see that the mini-phone jack would be present at the bottom, near one of the speakers, although there are many rumors claiming that the mini-jack will not exist. And I speak in the plural because, curiously, bring two stereo speakers, one at the bottom and one at the top edge.

On the other hand, fingerprint sensor would be hidden under the screen and it would not bring double camera finally. Has also appeared other renderings coming back to support the theory that the ‘Home’ button will disappear, although given that the top and bottom edges are not shown, we can’t see if they match in the details that we have given the image above.

As you can see in the picture, match, almost completely, on design that could have the Galaxy S8 at the end on the front, although they differ in the position of the flash and heart rate sensor. Not being more than simple renderings, We recommend that these images are not taken as the definitive design of the terminal. Do you think that finally it looks like very much how it is shown in the renderings?