New Balance RunIQ: Offer Android Wear Grows with The Smartwatch for Athletes

The decline in sales in the segment of the wearables is a fact. However, while the concept of intelligent clock fashion accessory seems to be deflating, the idea of clock advanced as an accessory to the sport remains attractive, and here is where it is located RunIQ, the new proposal on wearables from New Balance.

The well-known sportswear company already announced his intentions to launch a wearable and has finally become official. New Balance RunIQ is a smartwatch with Android Wear that your design with makes us it clear that he is focused on athletes, but there’s more. Also features with a hardware complete and offers integration with the platform Strava.

Intel leads hardware…

As good sports gadget, the new watch from New Balance features with a integrated GPS sensor to measure the distance travelled to the sport, while the heart rate sensor is responsible for providing information about keystrokes.

These two sensors can be working continuously for a maximum of five hours, so it gives for quite long sessions. Autonomy is around 24 hours mixed use.

Talking about autonomy, New Balance bet by the AMOLED technology for your screen, which by the way has a full round design of 39 mm in diameter – or what is the same about 1.53 inches. Three physical buttons have been placed on the right side and the belt is made of silicone.

The RunIQ is also water resistant and features accelerometer and gyroscope to detect movement. But what stands out in the hardware section is the integration of an Intel processor that we usually see in smartphones and tablets. Specifically it is of a Intel Atom Z34XX with 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of storage.

…Android Wear and Strava software

As I said, the platform chosen for the new RunIQ is Android Wear, but New Balance goes beyond and also includes synchronization with Strava, the platform for runners that allows tracking of all your workouts and participate in challenges with other runners.

However, to remove all the party of offering Strava must be done with a premium account and New Balance offers three free months when you book the RunIQ from their website before February 1.

In addition, with the MyNB app they can Download Google Play Music playlists to listen to music while you run without having to take the smartphone over. That Yes, wireless headphones will be needed, and as New Balance is throughout, along with your new watch also offer the headphones PaceIQ.

New Balance RunIQ is an interesting option for runners, but precisely does not come cheap. The clock is now available to book for 375 euros. If you also want your headphones you will be charged 115 EUR more.