Movistar Welcomes Improvements in Fusion and New 4G Mobile Rates No Permanence

After surprise with the announcement of the deployment of a 4 G network of Movistar in the 1800 MHz band which gave its agreement with Telstra in the background to be relegated to covering specific areas where Movistar can have that band saturated 2 G users with LTE, it time to know the rest of details and improvements that will accompany the arrival of the 4G MoviStar.

The 13 September Movistar will be the power of your new 4G network It will initially be available in 15 cities and as expected, will not have any additional cost Although only compatible with 4G rates will benefit from the advantages of LTE.

Merger with unlimited minutes and free TV and new options

With the first anniversary of Movistar Fusion becomes a service update that replaces zero Fusion by the new Mini fusion (with 100 minutes included), new releases Fiber fusion with 200 minutes and improving previous mergers including unlimited minutes.

The additional lines will also get unlimited minutes, replacing the previous version with 500 minutes although it maintains data in 1 GB as Orange or Jazztel while Vodafone is the only one with 1.5 GB but also the most expensive as you can already see in the comparison of convergent offerings that combine ADSL + fixed + mobile.

In addition, the modalities of Fiber Fusion will now incorporate free mini TV with a selection of the best content of cinema and leisure as AXN, Cosmo, Fox, TNT, Paramount Comedy, Calle 13 or channel Hollywood and you can add that other packages of television:

  • Movistar TV with 70 channels for 15 euros.
  • Extra football for 15 euros or free if you hire Movistar TV between September 20 and November 30, 2013.
  • Canal + by 16.90 euro

The existing customers of Fusion It will automatically be 500 minutes unlimited minutes without cost and without increasing the permanence before October while customers with Fusion zero they can keep it or optionally change to Fusion Mini starting a new cycle of stay of 12 months.

New mobile rates no permanence

With the upgrade of mobile tariffs that today we have submitted, Movistar has followed in the footsteps of Telstra, Vodafone, and almost all the MVNO by eliminating the compulsory permanence its rate was more becoming a deterrent aspect that in an effective way of loyalty to clients.

An elimination of tenure at a rate that will affect both to the new clients as to the current have no permanence by funding or subsidy of terminals.

From Movistar claim to have listened to users who demanded higher quality in aspects such as the customer service so they have highlighted its efforts to further improve and you get chest sharing indicators of how he has raised customer satisfaction last year.

Innovations include the new Twenty MoviStar with 250 minutes, SMS and 1 GB or improving its rate with unlimited minutes making it the level of Vodafone and Orange have 1.5 GB 4G-compatible Although only Orange oblige signing permanence for the fee.

The complete range of particular Movistar rates is follows: