Movistar Starts to Release Its Terminals Free of Charge, Free Will in December

A little less than a month ago Movistar announced a positive measure for its customers that remains to be seen if its competitors are able to replicate, the end of the lock operator or Sim-Lock terminals provided by the operator in addition to the free release of the already sold as blocked.

And while the arrival of free terminals seem to linger, in principle it was planned that arrived earlier this month but it will be delayed until December, Movistar has already taken the first step allowing the request for the codes you need from now for release the Terminal anchored as sold.

As it was Movistar needs time to empty their warehouses of blocked terminals and liquidate the orders to the manufacturers of terminals that are blocked, so now the operator places the start of sale of December free terminals but while anchored terminals they may free free from day one.

Free processing using 1004

It is enough to make a call to the 1004 e indicate the IMEI of the terminal -which can be obtained by dialing * #06 # on your mobile – for Movistar of the user code that can release when its terminal, without having to go to any store or perform any management more.

The service is totally free, contrary to between them eight and nine euros respectively calling Vodafone and Orange, and the only requirement is that the terminal has been bought to Movistar either by contract or prepaid, and that customer does not have debts with the operator, giving customer as you have purchased the same day terminal or having the permanence.

A movement, the free terminals free of charge without increasing demands, I personally think that It should move the rest of operators, introduced at the terminals an impediment that is easily preventable, paying in the majority of cases, that should have disappeared from the practice of all operators for time.