Movistar Retiring Its Points Program to Integrate It into Be MoviStar

When Movistar presented its latest in it comes to contract for private rates because it saw coming, in addition to the 18 months spent with and without terminal Movistar forbidden access to the points program customers who decide for these rates.

If the exclusion of the new rates of the program of points already suggests its possible demise is now when confirms the end of it, and it is that customers of rates consistent with the points program have already been warned of his disappearance from September 18.

The exclusion of the rates zero and Total of program points Movistar was not the only clue It allowed us to see their future black, and is after time offering 0.002 Euro discount for each point its value fell to 0.0015 euros in may.

But now is when customers have received the news together with the receipt of the last month:

Movistar reports: because in October you will enjoy even more exclusive Movistar clients advantages, September 18 consumption with its line will not generate points, although you can continue to use those who have to change mobile on very attractive terms. Be alert, we aim to surprise you. We will continue informing you in Thank you for trusting Movistar. As always, we will be happy to assist you in, the store Movistar and 1004

Therefore, the billing cycle in progress, ending on September 17, will be the last that Movistar clients may generate points, being able to follow canjeandolos for a while, and the obtaining of new terminals will be joined by be MoviStar.

As MoviStar, advantages inside and outside

As MoviStar was born May last as a program of third-party companies advantages for the clients of the operator, which currently offers discounts and special offers on cinemas, restaurants, gas stations, hotels and insurance companies.

But from October this program will host the new way whereby customers mobile Movistar will be able renew their terminals. What we don’t know is whether it will be a renewed program of points, and can obtain these by other means, or if it will assimilate more to the model of Telstra, with a fixed price according to the client’s profile.