Movistar Resists Thanks to Merger Although It Lost 1.1 Million Mobile Lines in 2013

Day so that Telefónica present quarterly results, this time for the months of July, August and September, and as it is becoming usual in the operator Latin America keeps pulling results While European business remains the company ballast.

Telefonica says have achieved its goal of revenue for 2013 in the first nine months of the year although thanks to the countries on the other side of the pond, where their incomes up a not inconsiderable 10.9% year on year, since revenues from the countries of the old continent where opera have dropped a 7.1%.

But let’s talk about what really interests us, the evolution of the operator in Spain, Movistar. At 30 September already had 2.6 million out of the product that it has bet everything, Movistar Fusion, representing 52% of fixed broadband customers and 39% of the total customer base of mobile, including the approximate 1 million additional lines.

In spite of this the income Movistar in Spain without the sale of terminals It has come down from a year to another a 11.2%, justified from the company by the decline in the price of interconnection but surely also be affected by a smaller number of customers and the repositioning of rates within its clientele.

Movistar is currently in Spain with 19.4 million mobile lines with a strong representation of contract customers, which represent 77% of the total. Yet these data reflect a worrying situation, since it implies the loss of 1.1 million lines so far of the year and the trend has no sign of change.