Movistar Deletes Applications Pre-Installed on The New Android in Its Catalogue

Customers of Movistar they have received with open arms a measure that the operator had already been a time giving turns, sell their free phones while the sold can be released for free, something logical in order to end subsidies within.

But there was a point that was of concern to many users, know if the operator despite selling free smartphones including in their catalog if they would continue taking its personalization, something that will be happening even though now the user can delete the pre-installed applications.

Since then that release free of charge already selling phones and deliver directly free new is a bold move for an operator like Movistar as it was the end of subsidies, measure which were soon added other many operators in view of the success in the coffers of the operator.

But many are also not worth that to simply new smartphones come free, but that it also resent the personalization that the operator makes the software of the smartphone, which will now be a little more free to power uninstall applications that bring in if installed.

The version of the firmware is still the operator

Uninstalling these applications was already possible in smartphones with Windows Phone or Firefox OS but not on the Android, unless that user rootease your phone, that now if this option is enabled although the consequences of customization software operator does not remain only at this point.

And it is that despite allowing you to free up space on your smartphone thanks to the possibility of eliminating these applications another problem to be resolved are updates, and is that Movistar smartphones continue taking your own firmware so the system updates will coming later than in a free smartphone. The operator dares to fully customize the smartphone that sells short term?