Movistar Creates a Society Jointly with CaixaBank to Reinforce Their Payment by Instalments

No one can deny at this point that the payment by instalments It has become popular in Spain. And it is that even though we were used to that our operator “gave us” a terminal in Exchange for our faithfulness for year and half or two years rates savings which resulted in an end was well worth.

In order to strengthen their payment by instalments Movistar It has reached an agreement with CaixaBank whereby both companies constitute half a new company that will manage the operator performs its customers when purchasing a phone with payment by instalments without interest loans.

While all financing of terminal that performs Movistar in its stores is completely transparent to the user, it has been more than 700,000 operations, has as an intermediary to FinConsum, a dedicated entity especially dedicated to the belonging to CaixaBank consumer credit.

But since the first quarter of 2014 the new responsible for funding of Terminal Movistar Telefónica Consumer Finance, a company 50% owned by the operator and the Bank, which will contribute to improve and streamline the payment by instalments operator.

More facilities for customer

The main objective of this new society according to the operator is to offer more convenience to customers when it comes to be able to access your payment by instalments. So Movistar implanting in their stores the digital signature without contracts in paper, will be available by year’s end, and in addition only be asked personal data for processing to the owners of a bank card of la Caixa.

Today Movistar puts as conditions for funding that terminal is associated with any operation of contract, that the minimum financing amount is 60 euros to pay 12 or 24 months and in some cases when the operation exceeds 500 euros in addition to the DNI and the bank receipt also requires proof of income.