Microsoft and HTC Are Working Together, We Will See a M10 with Windows 10 Mobile?

Although the majority system, being in the mobile landscape is not synonymous with nor much less than making Android phones, although just this has been the decision of BlackBerry. But the case is different if it is just of the most widespread platform and neither sales nor demand correspond to expectations, and can therefore both Microsoft and HTC have returned to agree to continue working together.

The Taiwanese manufacturer manufactured terminals with Windows Phone until 2014, with a version of the HTC One M8 this operating system. And it seems both they will return to work According to a job offer which was posted on December 19 in Taipei, specifically for the post of director of account management.

Recovering old friendships

Not discussed anything in particular as to how many models or whether it will be this year, but by precedent could be the expected and supposedly refurbished HTC One M10. But yes qualifies the purpose intended with the job: having a catalog that focuses on the different profiles of users of the services of Windows 10 in combination with devices and services of HTC.

In addition to the objective, this is specifically the fragment which alludes to the job (and, therefore, the current relationship with HTC) statement from the offer on the website of Microsoft:

The team seeks a Director of account management for Taipei (Taiwan) for communication with the Director of device sales in Shenzhen (China). In this post, […] will also direct all aspects of sales and the development of agreements with HTC, one of our three leading third manufacturers. Be the new HTC AM will have a heavy burden in terms of development strategy coordinated with Marketing, OSG, OEM.

Expanding catalog for all tastes

By what you can see, this year we will see the new system from Microsoft in very different wrappings. Recently we saw the proposal from Sony with the VAIO Phone Viz and a little earlier I talked of the Funker W5.5 Pro, Spanish manufacturing. In the statement, what we see is that in addition to HTC, there would be an intention of collaborate with other Chinese manufacturers, among them could be Xiaomi already has in its catalog supported with Windows Phone devices.

Therefore, this year it presents a more heterogeneous Microsoft Mobile Division, which would not come you not bad a thrust that could come just from this enlargement that would seek to capture the attention of users who sympathize with certain brands or postpone hardware among its priorities. Not come you wrong to HTC, which keeps running the rumor that would manufacture the Google devices. Some quota will regain the Taiwanese returning to these collaborations? We’ll see if 2016 represents a change of trend for both.