Michael Bastian for The Most Exotic Print for The Next Spring-Summer 2014

We know. It’s still hot and we have several weeks insisting that let us home and we worry about the trends that we will wear in a few days with the arrival of autumn. Now, when you’ve almost convinced, we arrive and begin to give the Tin with parades for the season spring-summer in the coming year. Anyway, what are we to do if fashion is so dynamic and cyclic…

After this reflection (only to the height of great eminence), is the time to speak of our protagonist: his name is Michael Bastian and a few days ago presented a collection that will surely give much to talk about (for better or for worse).

We know their proposals!

Attendees were cited at The Pierre New York hotel to be received by the singer Alice Smith in a majestic hall. “Where are you going with your life?” (Where going to go with your life?), was the chosen theme to accompany the parade models. Well, the answer to this question in the form of song is… France.

Michael Bastian is inspired by classic films of the French cinema as The network Balloon´ < /em > or < em > The Dreamers´ to show a happy and carefree style where most remarkable note, seem to me, is the strong commitment by colorful and exotic prints.

As you see, the prints taken from the nature, whether animal or vegetable, they are strongly colored to show shamelessly and convincingly. To make matters worse, have no problem in partnering with other classics as stripes or pictures.

The result can only be extremely informal. Those who know me, may have thought that you maybe I am not best placed to defend this collection and… you are right. I agree to evolve and such, but I get the impression that Michael Bastian wanted to show off all that in Gant You can not afford.

In addition to these striking sets, there are also site so American designer shows us his particular vision of the famous sport French chic. Notably, the large presence of sports shoes, short swimming swimming costumes and their bright and light sweaters.

We ended up with the more elegant style of the collection where it shows us the young Parisian Gigolo Michael Bastian. As we can see, the very essence of the former is moved to the blazers of double breasted and evening jackets.

Before dismissing me, I leave you with all the looks created for the parade. What you think of this risky bet of the American designer?