Looking Forward to Coming to Power Cold Put New Reserved Autumn/Winter 2013!

A superb collection, could not say anything else. Of the first ad that have convinced me to the first, and not only by his creative line, which takes care of even the smallest detail, relying for a classic image at the same time that jovial and very fashionable, but because I think a heap of trends very well run, in which completely opposite attitudes have been known keep within a same collection in a very balanced way and with a impeccable result it harmonizes and gives meaning to a whole without printing a series of random clothes and looks completely des-estructurados: the collection autumn/winter 2013 Reserved.

Trends? What trends? Since on the one hand to find a RAID of fluor colours but adapted to the times of fall and winter in a very subtle way. They contrasted with the whites and grays to give it a more sober and the reds and the yellows are preferred before other more jovial shades.

On the other hand, the 70’s with cross gabardines trend and the tight geometric trenchs, contrast with the textures chosen by the firm: quilts, cross point, special occasion silk and suede for the looks more adventure.

A very elegant color palette dark but only shades abound in which to be able to highlight the earthy tones and creams of jerseys, shirts and accessories. Prints ranging from the rAya diplomatic up to the box vichy passing by tartan lining and some that another paisley in the snap-ins, which all said, they harmonize perfectly with the collection.

A set of clothes very careful and exquisite, relying on a sober and refined image of a very modern, trendy, cosmopolitan man and with a more neutral look that adapts well to the changes. Without a doubt, a success for this fall.