Lips in Vintage – Colors and Make-Up Technology Since 1920

You want to make-up your lips in the style of a certain time? The colors of lipsticks as well as the shape of the mouth was melted, has changed ever again. Apart from a lot of lipstick history has accumulated, until he finds the form that we know today. Here is a vintage ramble through the decades:

The Mouth of the 20

The first silent film stars like Clara Bow, The da Bara, and Mae Murray make her lip sticked mouth finally socially acceptable and more and more women to use lip color.

The makeup of the 20 is very strong and the lipstick was also striking and rather dark. Luster was produced with Vaseline and pomade.

The so-called bee sting mouth of Mae Murray was a makeup trick from Max Factor, which he developed for the film. Because the usual Pomades through the hot Studio lights have vanished, across determinants he mouth and painted it a little perky kiss. This round mouthful of dolls was an absolute trend in the 20s.

Since there were only black and white film, Black Lips due to the contrast of course best came out and so was the mouth painted dark red to almost black in fashion. Shades of purple were popular.

Lipsticks of the 30s

The mouth is a total natural in the 30s. The lip shape, a round perfect Cupid’s bow is favored, but have hardly drawn.

The famous French Couturier Elsa Schiaparelli brings out a strong tone of Fuchsia in the 30s whole new bright colors, such as “Schiap”, a light pink and “Shocking”. Shades of red are favorites of women.

in 1930, lip gloss is invented and goes in 1932 in the sale. in 1939 the first appears Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick with the name “Fire and Ice”, a strong red, that in the forties is a bestseller, but is worn today still very gladly. Of his more than 30 million copies were sold, making it the most successful vintage lipstick in the world. Through, you can buy it cheap and also try. It is really a must-have.

Lipsticks of the 40s

In the 40s, the shape of the lip is larger and more richly painted, said red is a Matt rather bright. Hayworth or Hedy Lamarr is determining the look of the golden era in Holly wood and its Hollywood divas such as Ava Gardner, Vivien Leigh, Rita.

In Germany, the motto was “A German woman not make-up”. But immediately after the war, the mouths of the Miss were again red. In fashion, a dark violet was also for a short time.

The Mouth in the 50s

The economic miracle of the 50s, the lipstick cases are occupied now even with gems and the lips become shiny again. In addition to red in all shades is now also the diversity of other colors in appearance: Orange, pink, pink and coral. The makeup of the 50s is overall very colorful. A typical makeup model of this time is Betty page with her mostly red lipsticked mouth.

Lip Color of the 60s

The 60s take as a contrast to the strong emphasis on the eyes matte nude tones in beige, light brown or rosé. And gloss with his very delicate color appears on the scene.

Often the mouth not once more separately melted, but the makeup primer applied on the mouth, to create a possible reduced image.

Lips in the 70s

End of the 1960s also the warm colors came up again. Maroon and orange will be popular again. It is also a highly polished look. That’s why gloss is used even more.

In the 70s, the hippie youth to cheap and colorful lipstick tubes which are made of plastics for the first time attacks.

The Rouged Mouth of the 80s

An extremely strong and artificial makeup, that the 50s is reminiscent of the colors show the 80s with the TV series “Dallas” and “Denver”. However no more eyeliner is announced but much eye shadow and to bright red or pink lipstick.

Rouge Pur No. 19 by Yves Saint Laurent, an intense pink-Fuchsia, is sold worldwide within 14 days. It is still among the best sellers of the brand.

Lipsticks of the 90s

The 90s bring a much more natural makeup and a new Sneakiness, which is reflected also in the tubes of lipstick in the contrast to the 80s.

Nude sounds like in the 60s will be popular again. For the first time also darker shades of Brown coming up in the 90s. The lips are edged often with a significantly darker lip liner.


And today? From nude classic red to return to black everything I like is actually.

Along with the lipsticks and glosses, now also lip paints on the market have been published. So Kanebo unveiled 2004 lipstick with gold and silk, which have a finish that reminds of the Japanese lacquer art.

Technology provides even more novelties, exude presented a lipstick whose Applikator Crystal is 2011. It neither bacteria nor germs can settle and the color can be applied in optimal dosage.

But there is actually no longer a clear line. Maybe she noticed but also in 10 years.