LG Ensures That The G6 Will Be Your Smartphone More Secure to Date

Note 7-Galaxy fever and their problems with the battery has brought consequences, this time positive for users, and it seems that 2017 smartphones will have to be examined thoroughly with the hardest tests made by the industry to date.

The latest move was LG, who in the words of Lee Seok-jong to Koreal Herald has confirmed directly to the G6 will be the safest ever phone, and that it will come to market after tough tests that ensure its operation.

We are going to significantly improve the safety and quality of our new smartphone ship logo, because consumers are looking for more secure phones.

LG G6 will be also the first smartphone from LG that use a cooling system based on heatpipes to keep the heart of the terminal at appropriate temperatures, although this type of heat sinks already seen them primarily after problems of overheating of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 of a couple of years ago.

For example, use passive cooling tubes some phones Sony Xperia, the S7 Lumia 950 XL or Samsung Galaxy. It should be noted that Note 7-Galaxy also incorporated heatpipes to dissipate heat, although the problem of its “fire” was another.

As seen is obvious and apparently, LG also confirms very rigorous testing the battery to ensure no repeat of a case such as the Galaxy of Note 7 at home:

We are carrying out trials of exposure to heat from the battery even at a temperature a fifteen per cent greater than that provided for by the international standards of the United States of Europe.

The battery also undergoes various tests including perforation with a sharp object or hits, dropping an object heavy upon him from a considerable height.

If nothing is twisted, the LG G6 should see the light at the Mobile Word Congress 2017 in a little more than month and a half, although we are sure 100 percent that we will have additional information much before its official launch. Not desconectéis you this month!