#Leggun: Artist Ai Weiwei Launches New Selfie Trend

The leg as gun: The Chinese artist Ai Weiwei posted a Selfie by himself, has he holds his leg like a gun in hand. For the so-called Leggun, he has also inclined his head as he would use his toes to the objectives.

Although it is not entirely clear what wants to say Weiwei with this image – it could be but a critical comment on the anniversary of the Tiananmen massacre, the verge reported, citing the newspaper the guardian. Perhaps it’s simply a Weiwei typical criticism of the current Chinese Government – or just a fun. It is especially sure that Weiwei has triggered a new Selfie trend with the photo. On his Instagram feed are numerous imitators, posing with a Leggun for a photo – or pets and toys in this pose have photographed.

From The Original To The Meme

Of course it didn’t take long until the Leggun in various memes has been processed: A photo shows a user, for example, carries as he shoots his leg on a picture of Mickey Mouse – and a gas mask. After sex, Suglies and Belfies the Leggun seems to be in a very short time to having developed a further Selfie hit. Because such trends have generally only a short life span, you should take the legs in the hand as quickly as possible to post a Leggun picture in time.