Leaks Are Descompensan for The Upcoming BlackBerry: “Rome” and “Hamburg”

Following the launch of the BlackBerry Priv, CEO John Chen was commissioned to make it clear that there would be more terminals from the company and that it would be in the same line of hybridization with Google’s operating system. And how it could be otherwise, the leaks come also for the Canadian company, on this occasion with appropriate renderings to two new devices.

A few so-called circulating already since a few days ago by the virtual gossip and terminals referred to people with names in key cities as we have seen in the past in the company. Specifically it is of the BlackBerry Rome and Hamburg, two terminals of different factor is that they would seek to satisfy customers according to this demand, although it is known more than one other.

All roads lead to Rome

On this occasion the supposed information comes from BlackBerry Central since Dylan Habkirk assures that the renderings leaked so far (not including a direct reference) correspond to prototypes that he has come to see in person. In this way, says editor It is not the definitive models filtration as has happened in the past as with the Passport Silver Edition.

What they will know then of those who are running to be the next BlackBerry terminals? Rather little or almost nothing. Habkirk explains that the existence of the “Hamburg” not aware practically, except for some schemes of a terminal with the factor the Z30, which based its own render.

On the contrary, says seeing the “Rome” on several occasions and that since it leaked a few months ago has undergone several improvements. The terminal appears to be an iteration of the Priv, keeping the curvature on both sides of the pantallaAl view will incorporate fingerprint on the SPACEBAR. Habkirk also speaks positively of the screen (which is defined, but which does not know the Datum of the resolution) and the front-facing camera. Something in that would have focused on improving with regard to the Priv incorporating a 8 megapixel sensor.

And the price?

The BlackBerry Priv was a bet very strong Canadian company features both their exit, the online price of stop the range above the 700 euros here in Spain (while in the United States stayed at 699 dollars). In the case of the “Rome” Habkirk noted that the price will be $500 americasno and 629 Canadian dollars (about 435 euros).

What it also says is that still a determination by the company environment there is to the logo of the brand. But what is striking is a special physical button It refers to that and to ensure not have seen before in any other model, although it is not specific with respect to the functions of the same.

At the moment it’s alleged leaks and there is nothing confirmed by BlackBerry. So we probably have to be dripping alleged images and other information, which in the case of the BlackBerry Priv were in such way that the terminal became known in detail before submission.