Lacoste Spring/Summer 2014: We Move Away Us Sport

The New York fashion week It makes total present in Jezebel man by the hand of one of the large American design as it is Lacoste. For the spring-summer 2014, Lacoste dissociates a little sporty style that has both defined him always (seems that sports fashion is going to become a slip if it were up to Lacoste). Would you like to see the proposals more closely?

The stylish and sporty, the great absentee

Lacoste has always had us accustomed to poles, their visors and preppy-sport style. However, for the spring-summer 2014 have been few sports looks you have been. Do you think you the twist of the sports brand’s fashion week New York? This has been the most sporty that has been seen in the parade.

Pajama look

One of the pillars of the Lacoste collection is the comfort. Lines and materials reveal a spring-summer 2014 full of clothes relaxed and simple. The ultimate expression of this trend has been the Pajama look, formed by suits and pants clip reminiscent of this garment indoor.

Raincoats for summer

For the spring and summer coming, Lacoste advocates the use of raincoats for fine materials, that allow use for days freshest in countries that are not of course Spain. Style Pajama turns to see reflected in the form of coats that remind us to Goan at home.

All white

Lacoste made a near-total commitment to white for next season, filling shirts and pants. Are you ready for spring-summer 2014 with all white looks, from shirt to shoes?

Very simple suits

As it could not be otherwise, of Lacoste suits for next spring are the simplest of the New York catwalk. All present very clean and narrow silhouettes in shades of white and blue.

How about the collection?