In Already Trail The 7.4 Version of Google Play Store, with News on The Tab My Applications and Much More

Google Play Store It is probably the most important application that the Mountain View giant has Android, and is that escapes no one that it is of the application that gives content to the operating system Google Mobile.

Thus, it is not strange that Play Store is one of the applications that get more regular updates, both transparently to the end user as with new important features that do translate into perceptible improvements for users and developers.

Today the guys at Android Police we anticipate in one of their usual tear downs all the news that will come with the next version of Google Play Store v7.4, which seems to be almost ready and that you can now download, if you want to try it before anyone else, since this link:

  • Version: 7.4.09. L-all [0] [PR] 143719094 – APKMirror

New tab of my applications

The source code for the new version of Play Store reveals that it will be important developments in the “My applications” tab, one of most used Google shop sections and from where we can see the applications you have installed, update and also uninstall them.


New features include for example more filtering options and ordered installed applications, that range from alphabetical order to most interesting options such as size, the last time that was used each app or the most recently updated, this is a choice that we had in part already now featured at the top.

string name = “sortdialogtitle” > Sort Bystring name = “sorttypealphabetical” > Alphabeticalstring name = “sorttypelastupdated” > Last Updatedstring name = “sorttypelastusage” > Last Usedstring name = “sorttypesize” > Size

With this, it will be easier to identify applications installed with greater weight in memory, which we never use or which have been abandoned to their fate by the developer, which don’t tend to like users.

Possibility to filter real-time evaluations and statistics

Surely this is a novelty for most developers, but Play Store 7.4 will be easy to see the statistics of an application in a given period, with a selector that will allow us to see ratings and statistics of the last 30 days, 3 months or 6 months.

string name = “reviewstatistics30daystitle” > Last 30 daysstring name = “reviewstatistics3monthstitle” > Last 3 monthsstring name = “reviewstatistics6monthstitle” > Last 6 months

Authorizations for family shopping, finally in remote

Google introduced in may an options star of Google Play Store, which is none other than the possibility of share our applications with up to six families If developer active that possibility for your payment applications.

However, control of the family plans still left much to be desired, and one of the most requested by users of this new family option of Google Play was without a doubt the possibility of allowing remote shopping.

With the new version 7.4, Google Play will enable an option to be able to authorize remote content purchases, the owner of the means of payment set up shop as well as block e.g. all purchases in-app or direct from Play Store.

The benefit is more than clear, no longer necessary that both members of the family are physically together to purchase an application, nor it is necessary that the owner of the means of payment directly purchase applications with the smartphones of its family. Directly, you can manage all of this remotely.

It is essential to Play Google Games…

The latest on Google Play Store 7.4 not like everyone, and is since that version the installation of Play Games is essential even if the user do not use Google Play games platform services.

We assume that notice of Google Play Games shall indicate to the user that you must install it before proceeding with the installation of a game, although this not is too clear seeing the code:

string name = “gamesdownloadrequired” > To continue, you need the latest Play Games app

Without a doubt, is of a Play full of novelties Store update that will soon arrive to your devices automatically, but if you want to try it in advance remember that I have left a link to the APK a little higher in this article.