HTC Check Brake in 2017: Launch of Smartphones and Not Half There Will Be 11 HTC

2017 is shaping up as a busy year in the mobile universe where news is concerned. But as the more traditional brands prepare to launch their new proposals, HTC is ahead with the new HTC U we met yesterday itself. However, although they have started strong, the Taiwanese company this year plans are rather courteous.

The Chairman of the division of brand smartphones has ensured in an interview that HTC intends to cut its line of new devices and throwing only around six or seven devices this year, about half What often offer us. In addition, it confirms that there will be no HTC 11, although it does not rule out the possibility of a new flagship with other nomenclature.

What can we expect from HTC in 2017?

In an interview with Engadget, Chialing Chang, President of smartphones and devices division, gave some clues about the future of HTC this year that has just begun, and the truth is that it doesn’t seem a very promising step for the company.

It is no secret that the company is going through a very delicate moment and, although he did not mention anything about the recent balance of income, it is not risky to assume that reduction of planned for 2017 catalog has to do with the bad financial situation brand.

HTC launched around fifteen new devices in 2016, but 2017 Chang ensures that we will see only six or seven. Instead of focusing on hardware, the company guarantees that it intentions of working on the key features of their computers as the HTC Companion Assistant that it came from the hand of the HTC U, which plan to update throughout the year to offer support more third party services.

Chang also ensures that We will see new equipment of the Desire range which will be focused on the most affordable market, Although it remains to be seen what the brand means “affordable”. So far, prices are still too high and we don’t have to go very far to check it, HTC U Ultra and U Play are not exactly affordable.

Finally, Chang says that the next flagship of the brand will not be called HTC 11, but as said before does not rule out that there is a top of the range device to lead the range of HTC in 2017.

An uncertain future

I certainly think not on HTC have a heading clear and the arrival of the HTC U Ultra in early January is not the best decision. We talk about a team with price range and features advanced, but more focused in 2016. We see this in your processor, a Snapdragon 821 which will remain in the background when the Snapdragon 835 in just a few months.

Next to him came the HTC U Play, a range average returns to make mistakes of the past: a technical sheet of the lot and the price too high. Of course, if HTC wants to amend his mistakes in 2017 must take a very different path, and they have already burned two cartridges.