Google Photos Clean Your Navigation Bar, Hiding an Easter Egg and Very Soon Will Allow Edit Date

For a few hours the application of Google photos It has begun to upgrade to the version 2.7. This is one minor update that Google has not yet given a list of what’s new, but already have been detected two developments together a preview of what is coming to the application during the next few weeks.

First and only visible novelty for the user is that finally arranged duplications that were created in the application when Google photos premiered the lower menu almost a year ago.

Cleaner navigation bar

The shortcuts available in the drop-down menu (Assistant, photos and albums) disappear from the side navigation bar next to the entrance to the browser, which does not have sense to be in the sidebar once the search bar always visible in the application. With this change the navigation bar is more clean, without so many options.

Easter egg

The second novelty and last of this new version is hidden. It’s a Easter egg that is activated when we perform a search for the phrase “I love Google Photos”, as it is written, respecting capitals. To search for that phrase sharecropper flying across the screen an Android powered by a rocket.

Soon you will be able edit the date and time

The code for the Google photos 2.7 version brings to light that Google is implementing one of the features most popular by users, especially since the launch of PhotoScan: Edit the date and time of our pictures and videos.

Currently we can only edit the date and time of our pictures and videos from the website of Google photos, but very soon we can also edit those Exif metadata Since the Android application.