Google Photos 2.8 Redesigns The ‘Albums’ Section, This Is All That Has Changed

Since coming to Android, Google pictures has become an essential service for storing images. In addition to offering unlimited storage for lifetime, the app allows us to group them into albums and the latest update is focused precisely on this: the Organization.

Inside Google photos there is a tab called albums where we can see all those collections that we have created, as well as a section to explore that Google automatically creates. This section He has been residenado with the version 2.8 of Google pictures. We tell you everything what has changed.

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Google 2.8 photos: before and after

The changes that brings the version 2.8 of Google photos affect the albums tab, which has received a facelift in order that we can see more items at a glance. As a result of these changes, albums created by the user do not occupy the entire width of the screen, but in return we have more sections.

The section of the upper zone, called explore, is now a bit bigger and each collection It shows four previews instead of only three so that we can have a better idea of what they contain. Below are thumbnails of different folders in the device, which will be marked with the icon indicating whether synchronization is disabled.

Finally, there are the books created by the user who, as we said, no longer occupy the entire width of the screen. Instead displayed as a grid with square so icons fit more on the screen and do not occupy the greater part of this.