Google Maps for Android Will Show You New Information in Time Real in The New Drop-Down Menu

Google It announces the development of a major upgrade of its application of maps that will very soon begin to reach the users. Google Maps It will begin to show * useful and real time information at the bottom of the main screen ^ ^.

“Eat and drink near here” menu will be replaced with a new menu that will help us to find a nearby restaurant, escape traffic or take the next bus.

New menu with useful information

At the bottom of the main screen we see a tab with three flanges: Explore, driving and public transport. To see all the useful information that is updated at each time of the day only have to slide the tab upwards.

The following is information that will provide us with each section:

  • Explore: Here we will see a list of places to eat and drink as the “best places to eat”, “To eat cheap” or “tapas Bar”, among other selections based on our location or consulted area. Also this section allows us to search elsewhere for everyday use such as ATMs, pharmacies, gas stations and supermarkets.
  • Lead: In this tab we have crafted our home and work addresses showing in time that we would take to arrive at home and work, with the State traffic information with delays expected on the road. We will also have access to access the driving mode.
  • Public transport: Here we will have recommendations on bus or train to take to get to our home or to work, showing the hour the following get with the time you arrive home or to work. We can also see that lines and their timetables for travel to any destination.


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