Google Drive Finally Starts The Migration of Your Subscriptions to Google Payments Platform Play

Already a few weeks ago that Google had promised, not in vain, this was one of the demands most requested by users of Google Drive, the service of storage in the cloud and data of the Mountain View giant synchronization.

It was curious to see how one of the most important services of Google not allowed still the payment of storage plans through Google Play, but if you are a Subscriber and they bother you collect different platforms you’re in luck. Finally, Google has begun to migrate the payment of the subscription of Google Drive the platform of Google Play.

The notice comes directly from some users, who report on Reddit that their subscriptions have been migrated to Google automatically Play collection systems, and although it is not a change that to improve the service of Google Drive, surely most will appreciate greatly the detail at the time of simplify and streamline the payment of all its services Google premium.

To date, Google Drive is paid through the platform Google Storage, from which only be invoiced services shared storage leaving the rest of services of subscription or purchase applications and games in the hands of Play Store systems, so the movement makes much more sense than it seems.

Google finally be billed in unitary way all its services through the system of collections of Google Play, Drive was the one who kept the payment from another route and has finally started the migration of your subscriptions to Play Store

In fact, the best news is that everything will be transparent to the user, because there are no modifications in Google Drive or in its terms of use, in storage plans and much less in their prices. In addition, you can follow obtaining customer support through the Centre of support, and files and access will remain in the same place.

What changes then? Because just from where will you be billed and where is manage a subscription, so facilitating whole Google ecosystem is managed from the same platform as users demanded.

Know if you have already been migrated is very simple, just go to the page of your Google Play account and view the subscribed services to check if, at long last, your Google bills come from now unified. If you have not yet been migrated, have patience because soon you will receive an email from Google informing you of the change and indicating that, fortunately, you won’t have to do anything.