Google Docs Android Shortens Distances with Microsoft Word: See Background New

If you are looking for a good suite office for your Android device little doubt there is that the best option is Microsoft Office applications Word, Excel and Power Point, the most complete editing of documents, spreadsheets and presentations, but every time Google It shortens distances making your office applications much more complete.

The application of Google documents is updated to the version 1.7 to finally add editing features that are very basic, and that surprised that they have taken so many years to implement them. We review developments in background:

Add a header or a footer

The new version of Google documents allows us to finally Add a header and a footer. To do this we have to:

  • Touch Menu.
  • Activate “Print design”.
  • Touching the header or footer.
    5. write the text you want to include in the header or in the footer.

Add page numbers

We also can Add page numbers in the following way:

  • Playing in the header or footer
  • Touch the new icon insert page number on the right.

Modify the size of an image or rotate it

Change the size of the image or rotate it is as simple as touching the image and drag bookmarks that will appear on their edges.

Add a border to an image

To add a border to an image have that:

  • Touch the image.
  • Above on the right, touch format.
  • Choose a color, thickness and a type of line.

Adjust image with text

Finally, we can also adjust the image with the text in the following way:

  • Touch the image.
  • Above on the right, touch format.
  • In text setting select “Adjust text”.