Google Allo Is Falls in The Top 500 of Play Store, But… Are We Seeing It Integrated Standard on Future Versions of Android?

For a long time Google wants to be in virtually all aspects of our lives, and it is that no one escapes the huge evolution and growth of the ecosystem of services that the Mountain View giant has placed at our disposal, especially since the arrival of Android.

However, the cemetery of the – not-so-good – Google Apps also grows without stopping, and if there is a sector which he refuses the search engine company that is without a doubt the of the Instant Messaging. Many applications in a very short time testified it, although we must certainly acknowledge that Allo and Duo are more serious bets from Hangouts.

It is not an affirmation lightly, and is that Google Allo premiered the smart Wizard Google Assistant to confirm their high demands, although it seems that the market is not giving the great reception expected Google to its instant messaging service more carefully.

Time ago that Google wants to make a bet would be for the instant messaging market, but the truth is that all his attempts have been of time in water of Borage. Allo is surely the best that Google has made in this aspect, but the market is still not responding.

Many aware months ago the possibility of a new failure, not in vain Hangouts had not set despite the great work of Google and attempts as the integration of the video call or SMS in the own messaging application. Google had achieved the impossible supplanting MSN Talk, but he lost the opportunity and he has not returned to the forefront.

The truth is that a messaging application does not need a large number of striking features, but the ease of use and acceptance of a large community of users, and it is not easy that Whatsapp miss their community while safely, other platforms offer more features and even more security.

Google Allo falls out of the Top 500 for the first time

The potential for Google to get hype around its new services is undeniable, why be surprised no one that Google Allo was between applications more downloaded continuously until a few days ago, when definitely dropped from the Top 500 confirming that their usage fees are not too high, or not at least expected to one service star on smartphones.

The fall is accused in recent weeks, and path descendant practically has always been, so it is not strange to add a new failure of Google Messaging applications.

Surely there may be many very important reasons, but among the non-existent marketing campaign and that Google Assistant is not available in all languages, still despite all its function star, can be explained very easily the huge drop of users.

Allo, are doomed to die or to be integrated into Android?

Google has continued work with Allo integrating new features in version 3.0, as a manager of themes or smart smileys, but if something has been clear in recent years that the Californian giant It has no pity with the services not running.

So, do not expect very encouraging for Allo future, although still some Google a bullet into the Chamber, and is that prior to for dead definitely Google Allo many have thought that perhaps, its integration of Android series could give you the boost you need.

Obviously, we rely on that Allo is not a bad messaging service, it is indeed very good, but the truth is that many users do not even know their existence and many others do not leave whatsapp in the absence of well integrated in its smartphone alternatives.

Perhaps a better integration into Android may be the definitive accolade to publicize Allo to the general public also providing the operating system of a messaging application native, one hundred percent functional and perfectly integrated with the rest of the Android phones options.

Surely many you are now pulling hairs, and the bloatware, like anyone but the truth is that now many manufacturers rewarded us installing services even less used and less useful still on our phones. Why wouldn’t make it Google if it is who defines what is installed with its ‘framework’ and its Google Apps?

Google Allo

  • Version of Android: from 4.1
  • Developer: Google Inc.
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Communication