Google Adds Gestures to Play Store, Has Never Been So Easy to Navigate between Applications

There is no doubt that the center of the Android experience is its content Shop Play Store, probably the application more love and care received by Google.

The Mountain View giant, is clear that not for of improve Google Play Store with more and more details in each update, sometimes attending requests from users with a family plan that has finally come to Spain, sometimes adding more functionality in the interface, and this time surprising with the navigation through gestures.

We don’t have this time news too deep or too obvious changes to the store of content, to Yes however a new system of gestural navigation for lists of applications received in the next update.

It costs a little to explain it, so an image will be worth more than a thousand words:

As you’ve seen, it’s an interesting novelty for easier searching lists of applications, because it converts each application in a kind of card that you can drag to the left or to the right to move to the next or previous application from the list.

Applies to any list, even to the searches, so it will be easy to find, for example, an application to control our home finances and navigate between all the options without having to go into and out of each application page.

A simple gesture that we usually perform on all Android smartphones to move between desktops, and that It will come with the next version of Google Play Store that has already begun to spread, and soon you will receive automatically on your devices.