Google 6.13 “Alpha”: Recent, Basic Mode and Do Google Assistant for More Devices?

The last days do not stop running rumors that very soon the wizard of Google would be exclusive of the Pixel, to get to the Nexus and more devices, and this rumor has taken great force thanks to a new version of the application of Google that has begun to circulate.

Version Google 6.13 “alpha” has begun to activate the wizard of Google for the first time in non-Pixel devices, but it is unknown if it was by mistake it is a still unstable version or is that Google plans to and activate your new Assistant on more devices.

Google Assistant?

The Google Wizard only It is activated on a few devices After upgrading to this alpha version, so also they could try a test launch and very step. In some devices configured in English or German, Google Assistant is enabled to make a push at the start of the device button. For example, it triggered some Nexus 6 p with Android 7.1.1 and some Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with Android 6.0.1.


Another related development with the Google Assistant is the new section of Payments that prepares the wizard to be able to make purchases with your voice commands. In your configuration, we can empower Google Home speaker also make payments under our approval. This will allow us to see the Billboard, information of a film and confirm to Google to remove us an entry, for example.


A novelty that if we can enjoy from now after updating to version 6.13 “alpha” is the new section Recent from the side navigation menu. There you will see a view of new cards latest searches which you can remove by sliding them upwards. The latest card allows you to see all our activity from Google website.

Basic mode

And finally, another novelty that is also available for use is the new Basic mode that is in the side navigation bar and the application settings.

This mode allows us to simplify the pages that use less data and load faster. For example, with the on mode, the search box on Google shows no images in results and most basic information cards. Once activated the basic mode, at the top of the search engine we turn it on and off to see the difference. This savings only affects the search engine.

Google “Alpha” 6.13

  • Download: Google App 6.13.5 alpha

This version still filtered is under development, so may be unstable. It is expected that over the next few days Google launched officially version beta through Google Play. It is possible that some of these functions disappear in the beta.