Girls can Wake Up with a Very Intimate Alarm Clock

You woman, answer a question: How about using an alarm clock that wakes you slowly, in a”sensual” way? 

This is what promises Little Rooster, a vibrator alarm-clock that should be used in the intimate parts, with the upper part inside the female genital organ.

The device wants to wake the girls through a “dreamy” awakening that women will be able to “savor,” transforming that moment they are not yet fully awake in a “delicious semiconscious state.”

According to the official product website, it can be used up while they are walking and be “comforting” for long trips. But it should not be used on takeoffs and landings (we do not know exactly why).

Little Rooster has the traditional snooze function, and another called Snorgasm, where women can “enjoy a 10-minute erotic sleep.” The device can become a normal vibrator with the Play function.

There are 30 power levels, of which 27 are silent and three turbo levels. The device costs 69 British pounds (approximately 200 reais), but at the moment the stocks are over. They are working hard to make them available before Christmas. One thing is certain: those “just five more minutes” will never be the same again.