Free Football, as Bass Sleeve That Movistar Has to Revitalize Its Television

They are not good times for pay television services, and is not only increasing competition from services online with very attractive prices were stealing clientele but also the crisis that never ends suggests in surplus services in our homes.

But after several attempts to revive and return to grow in number of users, launching packages more affordable channels for example, Movistar seems to have found the key to return to growth now Movistar TV users, free football.

And it is that you among the novelties presented this morning, new mobile rates, improvements in Fusion or new policy of sale of terminals, Movistar had a strong ACE under saved sleeve that certainly will attract many new users to its pay television service.

15 euros per month, all Movistar TV

From the next day 20 until the end of October all those customers that Movistar Fusion and Movistar TV contract will be free all season Football Extra football package, see Canal + Liga, Canal + Champions League and international 2 goal, representing a saving of 15 euros per month.

Undoubtedly one offer very tempting for fans, that from 49.90 euros a month will have Mini Fusion, ADSL landline and a mobile line with 100 minutes and 100 MB, in addition to 70 thematic channels and the channels that have the rights to broadcast eight matches per day as well as exclusive UEFA Champions League and the Europa League Liga BBVA..

A bet that leave out all its competitors offer, that it only by the two soccer channels typically charge between 15 and 20 euros per month, with MoviStar by 15 euros not only these channels but also over 70 channels of diverse themes that come not only to the fans of the football.

Mini TV, free TV for Fusion fiber

But innovations are not only in football and it is that Movistar has also now given good news for customers of Fusion fiber, which will have a version of reduced Movistar TV, with six thematic channels, free.

The channels included in Fusion fiber Mini TV are AXN, Cosmo, Fox, TNT, Paramount Comedy, Calle 13 and Canal Hollywood, a small selection of series channels and cinema of payment most demanded by users of pay television. In addition this offer will include a free guest channel in addition to the Freeview channels, several in HD.