Excursions from Quito, Ecuador

Excursions from Quito, Ecuador

Sightseeing tour of the city of Quito with a visit to the equator line.

The duration of the excursion day is 8 hours.

We will head towards the historic center, passing El Ejido and Alameda parks, the House of Culture and the National Congress. The guide will provide us with full information about these places, and also explain to us why certain streets are named with dates. Finally, we will leave our vehicles in the parking lot in order to walk around the historical center. During the tour we will see and appreciate the Plaza Grande (Great Square) with the Monument of Independence, the Presidential Palace of Carondelet, the Archbishop’s Palace, the City Hall and the Primada de Quito Cathedral. We will also visit the museum of the Primada de Quito Cathedral of the Jesuit order and will be able to appreciate the colonial art with its main representatives in sculpture, as well as see the attire of the priests. A walk through the historic center of the city will end with a visit to the Library of the Metropolitano Cultural Center and a visit to the Church of San Francisco and the square attached to it. We will then continue our tour to Panecillo Hill to enjoy one of the best views of the city and to see the Virgen del Pan statue up close.e cillo (statue of the Virgin Mary with wings).

We leave for the “Middle of the World” (line of the equator).

There are two places to visit the equator line and we will visit both:

1.) City of Mitad del Mundo with an ethnographic museum.

The city of Mitad del Mundo is a tourist and commercial center where tourists can find a monument made in memory of the surveying expedition of 1736, which established the passage of the equator line in this place.

Inside the monument is a museum of ethnography, which tells about the main characteristics of the various ethnic groups that exist in the country. Such differences as their clothing, pottery, various crafts, textile production, dwellings, traditions, etc. The entrance fee to the museum is not included in the tour price.

2.) Intinyan Museum.

In this museum, we will be able to implement a series of experiments that explain the influence of the equatorial line on the natural forces of nature. Also here you will get information about the culture of the ancient peoples, and we will be able to see a series of totems of various cultures of South America. Here are the traditional dwellings of different cultures that exist in the country, for example, a house with items that belonged to one Indian family that lived in this place many generations ago.

Return to the hotel.


Excursion to the city of Otavalo.

The duration of the excursion day is 8 hours.

Drive towards the province of Imbabure. On the way, we will stop in the towns of Calderone and Guayabamba, where we will observe the making of dough figures and, if desired, try typical products such as cherimoya (not included in the price). Later we will visit the observation deck of Santa Rosa de Cusubamba on the way to Cayamba, from where we will have a majestic view of the “Avenue of the Volcanoes”, and visit the equator line in Guachal. Upon arrival in Cayamba, we will visit and taste a biscocho (traditional bread) and layered cheese family from the area. At the Miralago observation deck, we can enjoy the most beautiful view of the Imbabura volcano and Lake San Pablo.

Around noon we will arrive in the city of Otavalo, where we will visit the famous Ponchos Square with the largest Indian market in all of South America. It will be possible to bargain and buy Indian handicrafts.

In the afternoon we will go to the village of Cotacachi, famous for the production of leather goods. Return to Quito.


Excursion in the Mindo rainforest.

The duration of the excursion day is 8 hours.

We start our tour heading north of the country along the Pan-American Highway, passing the Mitad del Mundo monument (“Middle of the World”); stop at the observation point of the extinct volcano Pululahua, where we can appreciate the beautiful view of the largest crater in Ecuador. Having passed the highest point of our journey, we will descend towards the Mindo rainforest, admiring the scenery of the area.

In Mindo we will visit a butterfly farm. In this place, you can observe different types of butterflies in their various phases of development. You can also see a huge number of hummingbirds and realize a walk through the foggy forest.

Before lunch we will visit a flower garden with orchids. After lunch (not included in the price) we will have the opportunity to observe the production and selection of coffee. In the evening, return to Quito. Free evening.


Thermal springs Papayakta.

The duration of the excursion day is 8 hours.

After breakfast at the hotel, we should be ready to continue our journey to Papayactu.

Thermal springs Termas de Papallacta SPA & RESORT are located 67 kilometers east of the city of Quito, just 1.5 hours drive along the Interocean Highway towards the city of Baesa.

These wonderful springs are located along the Cinnamon Tree Road, the same route that Francisco de Orellana took in 1542 when he crossed the Andes mountain range in search of gold and other valuables, and which led him unexpectedly to the discovery of the Amazon River. Papayacta is located in the highlands of Ecuador, at an altitude of 3220 meters above sea level, and is the gateway to the Amazon region of Ecuador. The climate is cool and humid with an average ambient temperature of 10 to 14 C depending on the season.

Upon arrival in Papayactu, you will immediately breathe in clean air – the result of the collision of the Amazonian winds with the rocks, forests and rivers of the Andean region. The “Termas de Papallacta” resort guarantees its visitors HEALTH, RECOVERY and REST – three important reasons to visit and enjoy an environment that exudes harmony.

Thermal pools are located on the banks of the Papayakty River: 9 pools with hot thermal water and 3 pools with cold water.

Free time.

In the afternoon – return to Quito.


Volcano Cotopaxi and excursion in the National Park.

The duration of the excursion day is 8 hours.

After breakfast at the hotel, we will head south towards the Cotopaxi National Park. On the way we will pass different villages such as Sangolki, Aloag and Machachi.

Toward noon we will arrive at the National Park, tourists will make a short hike and visit the Cotopaxi National Park and Lake Limpiopungo.

Cotopaxi is the highest active volcano in the world (5,897 meters). Records of its activity date back as far as 1534, when the conquistadors arrived at what is now known as Ecuador. Various species of animals live here, such as Andean wolves, cougars, deer and marsupial mice. The last two species are endemic. The most common mammal living here is the hare. The vegetation changes as you go uphill, and at an altitude of 3,500 meters we will find animal species that live near Lake Limpiopungo. Here you can see a lot of birds: biscuits, ducks, Andean gulls and sparrowhawks. The rocky volcano Ruminhaui is one of the habitats of the condors. Four bioregions are distinguishable within the Cotopaxi National Park.

In the afternoon – return to Quito.

Excursions from Quito, Ecuador

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