Exceeds in Height The Own Flint Center: The Mysterious Building of Apple, a View of Drone [Updated]

Update: We have updated the article with a short video of the flight of the drone who has photographed the building works.

Anything else we find confirmation officer keynote September 9, we did echo of a strange complex that Apple is building right next to the venue to celebrate (the Flint Center in Cupertino). Now that the works have progressed a few days we can see that Apple not be have gone with jokes: the building now exceeds in height the own Flint Center, and its width/length much resembles him. You can see it in the image taken from a drone that you can see right up.

It is the first time we see something like this: Apple building expressly for the keynote a whole building where do… something. It can be a stage for performances, it can be a test area to test the features of the iWatch, or anything else we do not imagine. In the source comment that it could even be a parking lot, but seeing the shape of the building and the history of Apple, I doubt they have bothered to worry about the press Park well. And they would not hide a parking area with a white cloth.

Do you what you think? Looking at the size, I think that we we have a very interesting surprise. To give you an idea, the building which is just behind the Apple complex is the setting for the Flint Center where more than 2,000 people. So no, it is not small.